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Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 Recap In Gif Form

gif Recap of Game of Thrones' "Walk of Punishment"

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Edmure. You really are the worst. I would be happy that others can now share in my feelings of disappointment and shame about your ridiculousness and incompetency if it didn't foreshadow dark times ahead.

I want a gif of Robb's "Get you're shit together, Edmure" face.

RAMSAY WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? (I don’t know why I’m so hellbent against Ramsay ‘cause a lot of people do a lot of bad things. I just think he’s so awful because he enjoys it so much.)

Next Week:

Shit goes down in Astapor! Shit goes down at Craster's Keep! Weird shit continues with Theon and "Not Ramsay!" Shit gets real for the BwB! Basically lots of shit going all around!

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