Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 Recap In Gif Form

gif Recap of Game of Thrones’ “Walk of Punishment”

Edmure. You really are the worst. I would be happy that others can now share in my feelings of disappointment and shame about your ridiculousness and incompetency if it didn’t foreshadow dark times ahead.

‘Sup Blackfish. It’s good to see you, though.

I want a gif of Robb’s “Get you’re shit together, Edmure” face.

Well that was fast.

Game of Chairs. Not as violent or sexy as Game of Thrones, but I’d still watch it.

Setting up the Return of Lysa and Creepy Robin. Greeeaaat…

The Bear, the Bear and the Maiden Fair.

Dare I say it I like the Bolton bannermen singing more than the Celtic rockers.

I know I said it last week but Brienne and Jaime’s chemistry is CRAZY.

I don’t like to get reminded of Sandor’s horrible deeds like killing the Butcher’s Boy but I know it’s important. *Arya putting me in my place*

HOT PIE, THAT WAS SO SWEET I’M GONNA MISS YOU. No, not really but it was pretty adorable. Hope you’re life is better as a baker at the Inn, Hot Pie!

Damnit, Cat. You keep making me tear up. I…I don’t even know WHAT to say about it. You and Carrie Matheson, man. Every fucking time.

That Lannister Honeypot video really messed with my mind. Doesn’t help that she’s tending to the wounds of Lannisters.

What the HELL are the shapes the White Walkers make? Runes? Magical symbols to combat the power of the Wall? I NEED TO KNOW.

I like how they have to remind us that Ghost is still around but don’t want him to be actually doing anything ‘cause that costs special effects money.

Did…my eyes just deceive me or did I just see some Thin Lips a la Crispin Glover amongst the Night’s Watch?

Yes, I did. Oh hello Burn Gorman. What are YOU up to? Burn Gorman—the only man to ever be on Revenge AND Game of Thrones.

Oh Craster, how I didn’t miss your disgusting everything.

Gilly’s back! You know what that means? Time to crank out the Gilly gif!

Couldn’t give less of a fuck about Stannis.

Dany so knows EXACTLY what Kraznys is saying and I can’t WAIT for her to show him where he can stick it.

OMG the sexposition with Pod and the duties of Master of Coin.

LOL Meereenese Knot

What’s Ramsay’s endgame here? Are they making him less of a monster for the show? Or an even more manipulatively evil one?

RAMSAY WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? (I don’t know why I’m so hellbent against Ramsay ‘cause a lot of people do a lot of bad things. I just think he’s so awful because he enjoys it so much.)

That last scene was done perfectly. And Jaime’s reaction of “What. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT” just makes it all the more perfect.

27. Next Week:

Shit goes down in Astapor! Shit goes down at Craster’s Keep! Weird shit continues with Theon and “Not Ramsay!” Shit gets real for the BwB! Basically lots of shit going all around!

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