Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 Recap In Gif Form

gif Recap of Game of Thrones’ “Dark Wings, Dark Words”

Bran got so big. They’re all growing up so fast.

Hearing Ned’s voice made me sad.

Seeing Jojen made me excited. *furiously checking IMDB to check his age…thanking the stars that he’s older than me*

The Reeds aren’t exactly as I’d imagine them (nor are they like exactly how they are in the books), but they’ve grown on me.

Orell is perfect. Perfect casting is perfect.

Jon looks GOOD in wildling furs…prolly even better out of them.

Talisa, what are you doing? What’s going on with you? My patience for you is just getting thinner and thinner.

Shae’s emotions and actions seem so conflicting. So that’s sweet that she’s protective of Sansa but then jealous two seconds later?

The descent of Shae is gonna make me sad.

Oleanna is perfect…and she wants her bloody cheese now goddammit and not after lemon cakes.

Catelyn almost made me cry. Ugh, if THAT made me tear up I can’t imagine what’s to happen in a few weeks.

Cersei’s burn about Margaery’s fashion choices.

Anal sex reference HEY HOOOOOOOOO

I wonder if Joffrey even has a sex drive or if it’s confused with his love of inflicting pain and violence.

Can we talk about how awesome Arya continues to be?

Can we ALSO talk about how much I’m digging Gendry? The exasperated voice of reason.

Thoros of Myr is fun but still wish he was Mongolian or Russian as I assumed all peoples of Asshai were like.

Anguy is a sassy little devil though. Work.

Missed you Sandor! Hope you’ll get the characterization now that I guess we deserved but didn’t need in past seasons.

I was cowering behind a pillow during all of Theon’s scenes, so nothing big happened right?

JK (kinda). I really hate those Boltons.

And Ramsay is such a sadistic little FUCK. Physically torturing Theon isn’t enough but he has to BREAK HIM emotionally too.

Being played by the irascible and adorable Iwan Rheon doesn’t change that.

Brienne-Jaime FOREVER. Their chemistry LEAPS off the screen.

On a storytelling level, I like how they’re explicitly tying together the characterization and evilness of House Bolton.

On a fangirl level, I WANTH WANT MY VARGO HOAT *spits*

27. Next Week:

More in Astapor! Bran-Jojen real talk! And a certain Beric Dondarrion anyone? I’m ready!

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