Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 Recap In Gif Form

gif Recap of Game of Thrones season premiere “Valar Dohaeris”

The horrific screams, shouts of anguish, and clashes of steel really could have been from anywhere rather than just North of the Wall. Commentary much?

GHOST. I missed you! I’ve wondered where you’ve been!

You had one job, Sam.

The giant looks amazing.

Ygritte threats/flirts are perfect but not really applicable to real life.

Tormund Giantsbane and Mance Rayder—prettier than I thought they would be but with plenty of swag. I’ll allow it. And I mean, seriously, Ciaran Hinds.

Is Bronn’s time at the brothel a foreshadowing of the Cave Scene?

POD! Even cock-block Pod.

“They say you lost your nose, but it’s not as gruesome as all that.”

DAVOS. There has been no word about you! Your plight and your subsequent scenes (especially with Salladhor Saan) were exactly as I’d imagined. But we probably won’t see you until the finale, so…

“I’m so sorry, my friend. I too have lost a son. There is nothing worse in this world.” My heart is slowly being ripped out. It’ll take oh about…5 weeks.

What a clusterfuck of awfulness amongst the beautiful introduction of Season 3 Robb who has gotten even more attractive than I thought possible. I mean Roose, Karstark, AND Qyburn at Harrenhal of all places?

Tywin writing a proper noun starting with The- I wonder what that’s about.

Any amount of sympathy or respect for Tywin evaporates with every word to Tyrion.

Sansa, I’ve grown to like you, but your stupid game just reminds me how much I can’t wait for Arianne and Dorne.

The babies aren’t babies anymore.

…but soon they won’t be charring fish fillets but will move onto something more problematic.

I don’t understand why people like Stannis. Never did, never will.

OMG Joffrey’s face in the caravan.

Margaery Tyrell is actually Anne Boleyn without mental problems.

Wait, so is Loras not part of the Kingsguard? Now I’m the confused one.

The amount of shade throwing at that dinner is ridiculous.

The harpy of Astapor! The Unsullied! Missandei!

The nipple…

I totally forgot about Ser Barristan Selmy!

I still miss my Strong Belwas.

27. Next week:

Arya! BwB! Brienne/Jaime! More Cersei throwing shade! It looks like a good one.

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