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"Game Of Thrones" GIF Companion, Episode 4.3: Consent Is Sexy, Jaime. Just Look At Oberyn

What's better than reliving the joys of the Purple Wedding? Reliving the chaos post-Purple Wedding! Except for that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad scene. A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers ahead!

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Cersei: complex female characters FTW!

Tywin’s wisdom speech sheds light not only to how Tywin works people to follow his will but also shows Cersei witnessing exactly what happened to her. She’s lost one son, and she is now losing another to her father. She’s also lost Myrcella to Dorne — she is truly alone. Cersei is loathsome, but she is still deserving of some pity.

Oberyn: “Some believe the sky is blue because we live in the eye of a blue-eyed giant.” Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah…oh wait now I’m crying.

Season One:

Robb: “One time she told me, the sky is blue because we live in the eye of a blue eyed giant name Macumba.”

Bran: “Maybe we do.”

One thing that the show is able to explore more potently than the books is the plight of the smallfolk. Watching faves like Ygritte and Tormund Giantsbane slaughter a village of smallfolk is much more intense than reading about it.


Ignoring that the Jaime/Cersei sex scene was actually a rape! Detective Tyrion tries to solve the case of the Purple Wedding to acquit himself! Tangling the Meereenese Knot!

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