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"Game Of Thrones" GIF Companion, Episode 4.2: You Know, Some Guys Just Can't Hold Their Strangler

Reminiscence on all the laughs and love of the Purple Wedding. A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers ahead!

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Finally! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Let’s enjoy every juicy moment of it!

Ramsay chasing girls (literally) is expected but who is this Girl!Ramsay? Is she a replacement for the lack of Jeyne Poole? But then Theon won’t save her. I guess they’ll use someone else then. Now I’m confused.

Ramsay is the woooorst. (Even though Iwan Rheon is the best.)

Reek is the definition of pathetic.

I love Jaime and Tyrion’s relationship. For a show about “Family, Duty, Honor” — and the lack thereof — it’s pretty sparse on genuine, healthy family relationships. Tyrion and Jaime’s brotherhood is a rarity and a joy.

Also — I’m STILL swooning over Jaime’s haircut.

Aw, I guess Ilyn Payne’s actor was disappointed. But more Bronn = more sass = me happy.

Talk of the Greyjoys makes me miss Asha. Ugh, Yara whatever. Asha is better anyway. Hopefully we’ll be seeing her at Deepwood Motte…or Moat Cailin. I’m fuzzy on the Ramsay-Asha-Yara clash deets.

House Bolton and the Dreadfort are just the woooooorst.

Alfie Allen doesn’t really get the appreciation for how good he is — he’s really fucking good.

The blocking of Joffrey’s breakfast is amazing — everyone stands in front of Joffrey to present their gift except for Tywin who has Joffrey receive his own in gift. It’s a masterful silent display of who is actually in charge.

And yet, Joffrey is still a dangerous wild card — chopping up Tyrion’s priceless book.

Tyrion “shooing the dog” for Shae’s own sake is heartbreaking — and beautifully shot. It looks like they did some ADR, which is unfortunate, but they do such a good job, it hardly matters.

Selyse’s relationship with her brother on the other hand is not healthy.

Shireen minus Patchface is much more well-adjusted, and I like her a lot.

That being said, I miss the sheer terror of Patchface.

Bran is so big already! It makes me feel so old!

The implications of Bran’s visions in the weirwood are hugely important! Like I think they may actually inform on the future ASoIaF books — dragon shadow over the Red Keep?! — but so much is still unknown.

Olenna shutting down her son is perfect.

And am I right in thinking that she’s holding something in her hands?

Is Bronn lying to Tyrion about Shae being gone?

I think I see a missing stone from her necklace! AH!!!

LOL. Sigur Ros. Margaery would like Sigur Ros.

I’m not down with older Tommen. What about the kittens?!

Doran, Ellaria, and Loras? Yes please.

Loras has the best pouty face.

"And neither will you!" AHHHHHHHH SHIT.

Oh Brienne. I want her to be as confident in her self as Ellaria and Margaery are.

Brienne just got Regina’d by Cersei. She IS a queen after all.

Pycelle is also the wooooorst.

Cersei…IS awful. But at least she’s interesting.

Oberyn and Ellaria totally handle their own against Tywin and Cersei.


Joffrey not raising his voice is so much scarier than when he rants and raves. It’s like he’s fully embraced the crazy into his everyday reactions to everything.

Look! The pie!

Cersei’s immediate response to blame Tyrion rather than cry over Joffrey. Classic Cersei.

Can’t help but think of this when seeing Joffrey’s purple face.

Ohhhhhh THAT’S why it’s called the Purple Wedding. Well. There you go. A bit anti-climactic, no?


Fallout from the Purple Wedding. Sansa goes on a covert adventure! Tyrion is in a load of shit! Soon we'll find out wherever whores go!

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