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"Game Of Thrones" GIF Companion, Episode 4.10: "Kill Me!"

Is it 2015 yet? A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers ahead!

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Oh this is gonna hurt. This is the last new Game of Thrones until 2015.

UGH. Sandor, please survive. He can maimed, sure, that’s expected, but Brienne better not kill him. PLEASE. I pray to the old gods and the new!

Maybe nothing will happen with Sandor…maybe he’ll whisk Sansa away and start a new life with her in Braavos, bringing Arya along so she can start training at the House of Black and White. Maybe.

Jon’s march to the land beyond the Wall is much different this time than the one he took in season one. (RIP Jeor Mormont!)

Jon parlays with the King Beyond the Wall, Mance Rayder, in the first honest conversation they’ve ever had. (RIP Qhorin Halfhand!)

Aw, RIP Ygritte. Fuck you, little-boy-who-I don’t-care-enough-for-to-look-up-your-name.



What? Giants are people too...Oh hai, Stannis. I like how even in this supposed heroic moment, it still feels like a “GODDAMMIT STANNIS!” moment.

Jon Snow meets Stannis, tells him the sensible thing to do. You’d make Ned proud, Jon! (RIP Ned Stark!)

Ew. It’s Gregor Clegane and his rotting, poisoned wound. Ew. It’s Qyburn. Ew. It’s Grand Maester Pycelle.

Oh hey, Cersei.

Qyburn is in full Frankenstein mode, and Cersei is intrigued.

I wonder what the connection is between Qyburn’s method and Mirri Maz Duur’s magic. Is Qyburn full alchemy/science or does it involve dark magic too? Nerd Question!

Cersei insists on not marrying Loras. Why, you may ask, Tywin? Oh because she’s fucking her brother and Tywin’s legacy is being carried by his incest grandkids. Oh, okay.

I was going to write that deep down I think Tywin knows that Cersei is telling the truth, and then she said, “Yes, you do.” …Glad we’re all on the same page. Suck it, Tywin!

So, I guess that’s Jaime’s legacy as a man of the Kingsguard — fucking his sister and being the biological father of Joffrey the Ruiner of Things, Tommen the Master of Kitties, and Myrcella the To Be Inevitably Recast for Season Five.

Dany faces the Reconstruction Problem.

Dany also face with the Dragon Burning Babies Problem.

I really hate that Rhaegal and Viserion are punished for Drogon’s misdeeds.

She should have Barristan seek out texts on how to train your dragons.

I really hate it — those babies!

Maester Aemon, Gem of the North, presides over the funeral for the fallen Night’s Watch. RIP Pyp, Grenn, and the rest. At least we still got you, Dolorous Edd.

Their watch may have ended but Melisandre’s obsession with Jon Snow has just begun.

Oh my Old Gods, Jon creates a pyre for Ygritte beneath a weirwood. Now that’s what I call romantic.

Damn, Bran, stop being so lazy. Oh yeah, you can’t move your legs.

What’s wrong with Jojen?!

Oh shit! The giant weirwood! I have no idea what this means!

Watching this scene is like receding into the farthest reaches of your mind. You know this is all familiar but you’re only seeing it clearly for the first time, now. It is new and yet familiar. Strange yet expected.

The Three-Eyed Raven: “You will never walk again, but you will fly.”


OH HAI BRIENNE AND POD derping on the rocks.

I hate that this is the way Brienne and Arya have to meet because I feel like they’d get along GREAT.

Oh my GOD they do get along GREAT.

Don’t fuck up Sandor!

Oh it’s Pod that’s fucked up.

Oh and it’s Sandor too.

Ugh everyone’s fucked up now!

This is more like a scene in Valhalla Rising than Game of Thrones. I like it but I’m FRIGHTENED!

Don’t fuck this up for me, Arya. Go. Leave him to “rot.” (So he can be saved later by the Elder Brother.)

Where’s Rory’s Emmy? WHERE IS IT?!

Thank you for your ruthlessness, Arya. See ya soon.

The Lannister brothers at it again! Despite everything, I still love them. (Yes even TV!Jaime…)

Wait so is this Tyrion going off the plan? I think so?

Hm…wonder who that is…

Tyrion: “I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”

Where do whores go?

Bye Tywin!

That was NOT part of Varys’ plan.

Is Varys going with him? Sure! Why not! Doesn’t he disappear at the end of Feast for Crows? Sure!

Over Sandor’s body and through the woods, to the House of Black and White we go!

Is it 2015 yet?

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