5 Actors That Could Have Played Javert Better Than Russell Crowe

Don’t get me wrong—Russell Crowe’s acting in Les Miserables was great. But his singing…well, he tried.

1. Johnny Depp

Was Sweeney Todd well received? I don’t really know or care, but, to me, it was the last good Tim Burton movie that I’ve seen in awhile. Johnny Depp showed in Sweeney Todd that although he might not be CRAZY GOOD classically-trained, he’s still pretty damn good.

And Helena Bonham Carter was in Les Miz, which is practically a prerequisite isn’t it?

2. Gerard Butler

I know Gerard Butler doesn’t have the best reputation—critically or in the public but still, boy can sing. And he’s super hott. Okay, okay, he’s super scummy but it’s called ACTING. And he can do that. With the right script. And director. And when he feels like it.

And I happen to be in the I Heart Schumacher’s Phantom of the Opera camp, so sue me.

3. Gary Oldman

Is there a character Gary Oldman CAN’T play? The answer obviously is no.
Great actor. On the caliber, no, ABOVE the caliber of Hugh Jackman albeit without the mass populace clout of Hugh Jackman (I guess. Ugh, I love Gary Oldman).

He can play complex antagonists (Sid Vicious, Lee Harvey Oswald, that Southern guy from Fifth Element). AND best of all, he can sing! No really! (Yeah that’s as Sid Vicious but imagine a Sid Vicious-style Javert). I’d see the shit out of that movie.

4. Ewan McGregor

Why the hell isn’t Ewan McGregor in this movie? It’s actually an OUTRAGE that the other attractive, popular, multi-talented, critically-acclaimed actor IS NOT in this movie. I assume (I don’t know technical things) that he doesn’t have the same low range needed for Javert but damn, it could’ve been adjusted.

Now I’m angry. I’ll just let the soothing dulcet tones of McGregor’s voice calm me.

5. Ralph Fiennes

Three words seal the deal: Prince. Of. Egypt. I mean The Plagues is practically a biblical Confrontation Scene. He’s THE villain (if Amon Goth wasn’t enough he’s friggin’ VOLDEMORT).

But he’s also an excellent, Oscar-nominated actor.

I can only dream of seeing a Wolverine-Voldemort musical face-off. I guess this timeline wasn’t ready for it.

Excuse me as I go watch/sing-a-long to The Prince of Egypt now.

6. BONUS: Paul Bettany

Added as an honorable mention since he was originally reported to be playing Javert opposite Jackman, Paul Bettany seems like an interesting choice. It definitely could’ve helped his career move away from its current path of B-grade period pieces and B-grade fantasy action flicks.

But the question remains: can he sing?

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