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    How I Returned My Stolen Mac In Mexico

    This is a guest post of Katrina H., who decided to share the story of recovering her Mac due to the negligence of airline staff. During the telephone conversation with representative of software company Kromtech (which anti-theft program helped her identify the thieves and get back her computer), she told the exciting story about tracking down her lost laptop that was stolen by one of the airline employees and taken to Mexico.

    Via official site

    "We were flying back after the vacation in Canada, I was in the first class and had my computer with me. The stewardess in coach pulled my bag out because she did not think it fit, so she took my bag with the computer in it. Markedly she did not put it in the belly or in the closet, she actually put it in her personal space. When I got off the plane, my bag couldn't be found. I made all the paperwork in Atlanta and we missed the next flight to Tampa. It was an international flight from Canada to Atlanta and then it went to Monterrey, Mexico.

    When I got home to Tampa, I filled out all the paperwork, filed the police report and then I contacted the guys from Kromtech to say that my computer was missing, because another key point was to spot on my laptop as soon as it is switched on. Seven days after my report was filed, the computer was turned on and MacKeeper took a bunch of pictures. But interesting thing happened next. The bags that were not marked (and my bag was not marked either, because it was with me and it was never supposed to go in the belly, and it was never supposed to go in the closet), they went directly from Atlanta to Monterrey, Mexico, which was the plane's next stop.

    And that's a problem, because an unrecognized bag went international and when the bags are dropped in unclaimed baggage, after 7 day mark they open them up to see if they can be identified. Apparently, whoever was in the unclaimed baggage, he took the computer out of the bag and went to residential home. I looked at all those snapshots from the report and clearly could see the residential home. And the GPS showed the exact street it was on, not the home address but the exact street.

    The airline was supremely unconcerned. So I called everyday after my computer was turned on. Finally, a week after it was turned on again and someone in Delta, who was not supremely unconcerned, said that it was in the residential home in Monterrey, Mexico. And there is nothing the US police can do. They said, how could I know where was my laptop, they did not realize I could find out all by myself. Then they said that my luggage was on the way back to me.

    My luggage did arrive the next day...except the computer. Later the airline informed me that they located my computer.

    Interesting, because it was not in the unclaimed luggage, still they insisted it was. I said that it was in the residential home on the street in Monterrey, Mexico. Because I have the data, because of the guys at Kromtech. If I had not installed MacKeeper, I would have never got my computer back. This is clearly professional robbery, because thieves wiped my Macbook completely - it came to me without operating system. And supposedly somebody in Delta got fired, but we were not supposed to be told that.

    But let me tell you what actually happened here. My bag got to unclaimed luggage, someone sold the Mac and handed it to other people, who turned it on in their home. I had pictures of the gentleman and the young lady and then they wiped it. I got the computer back minus its operating system, of course all images and files were lost, but without the program I couldn't get even that back.

    It is interesting because I had a prescription in the luggage which came back untampered with. So they had my name, my address and my phone number. If they did not have a theft problem in Monterrey this wouldn't have happened. But they do have a theft problem. It's clear because the computer did not get opened up in the airport, it got opened up in the personal home. That is the complete story.

    I've actually been a long adopter of Mac computers, but I never lost them before this. But without this program I would certainly have lost it.

    After this incident I have peace in mind that someone has my back."

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