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    There May Or May Not Be A Second Season Of "Mare Of Easttown," And I'm Losing It Over Here

    *Kate Winslet pronouncing "water" in a Philly accent*

    In case you haven't heard, HBO crime drama Mare of Easttown is pretty popular.

    Like, so popular, the season finale became the most watched TV episode in HBO Max history.

    Naturally, fans want more.

    We need a second season of Mare of Easttown and we’re probably not getting it. *climbs ladder into attic*

    @natasharothwell / Via Twitter: @natasharothwell

    Finally finished #MareOfEasttown and WOW. So many twists and turns! I want a second season but it’s only a limited series 😭

    @ojos_de_miel / Via Twitter: @ojos_de_miel

    According to Variety, HBO was so impressed with Mare creator Brad Ingelsby, they signed a three-year exclusive deal with the guy.

    Brad Ingelsby attends "The Friend" premiere during the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival at Princess of Wales Theatre on September 06, 2019 in Toronto, Canada
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    So does that mean a second season is on the horizon?

    HBO / Via

    Maybe — according to HBO chief Casey Bloys.

    Casey Bloys arrives for the Premiere Of HBO's "Westworld" Season 3 held at TCL Chinese Theatre on March 5, 2020 in Hollywood, California
    Albert L. Ortega / Via Getty

    "If Brad felt like he had a story to tell that felt like it would be at the same level, I think everybody would be open to [a second season]," he told Variety.

    HBO / Via

    “Right now, he doesn’t have that story. Who knows? We’ll have to wait to see if they come up with something they’re dying to tell.”

    "I don't even have any idea that there's going to be a timeline" for a second season, he added. "Usually, we take the lead from our creators. There's been no real conversations about what a Season 2 would look like."

    HBO / Via

    It's not a yes; it's not a no. But hey, we could always just rewatch the first season, right?

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