Lily Collins Will Play Polly Pocket In A Lena Dunham–Directed Live-Action Movie, And The Nostalgia Is Real

    Break out your dolls!

    Here's some exciting news: Emily in Paris's Lily Collins will portray Polly Pocket in a forthcoming live-action movie.

    Lily Collins attends the 2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time broadcast on December 6, 2020

    Yes, that Polly Pocket — the tiny toy first developed in the '80s. She taught children everywhere that being small doesn't mean you can't be great.

    Mattel's Polly Super Stylin' Bedroom on display — the toy was advertised to look like a pink purse but opens to a bedroom packed with a Polly Pocket, Polly-stretch clothes, and accessories

    And that's not all. Girls mastermind Lena Dunham is set to write and direct the film. So fun, right?!

    Lena Dunham attends the premiere screening and Q&A of Billie Piper's "Rare Beasts" at the BFI Southbank on May 22, 2021, in London, England

    The only thing is... I have literally no idea what this movie could look like. The possibilities are endless!

    Polly Pocket toys hang on display in a Manhattan toy store 14 August, 2007 in New York

    Sure, there have been tons of toy-to-movie films: The Lego Movie was a blast, theTransformers franchise dominated the box office, and Rihanna was in Battleship, but what could a Polly Pocket flick be?

    Like Barbie, Polly's done a lot: According to Variety, she's "roller-skated, snowboarded, shopped, sang, and exhibited a captivating can-do attitude."

    A stack of Polly Pockets in a shopping cart

    I'm hoping for a modern cult classic: a comedic film that pokes fun at '80s tropes (complete with tubular lingo) and allows Polly to see the world outside her Pocket.

    Variety also reports that the film will "center on a young girl and a pocket-sized woman who form a friendship," which sounds a lot like Tyra Bank's Life-Size franchise to me.

    But let's be real — the plot doesn't matter much right now. Whatever it is, I'll be there opening night in my best Day-Glo fashion.