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S Club 7 Secretly Were The Best English Pop Group Of The '00s

Ain't no party like an S Club party!

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Their career began when the septet acted in a popular BBC television program called Miami 7.

The year was 1998. England, for whatever reason, was obsessed with sunshine and beaches and stuff (the MTV Springbreak generation, if you will.) It was popular, but only lasted until 1999.


Then they made a bunch of really weird/totally amazing movies.

Pretty sure no one saw them but like, Seeing Double, was great and totally illuminati-themed because the government created ANOTHER (evil) S Club 7 and if you do the math that makes them SS Club14.

And the song "Bring It All Back" Happened.

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The world became obsessed. Seriously, such an amazing tune! It's all sunshine and rainbows and happiness.

There were seven of them, they usually wore different colors and kids loved to watch them. Logic!