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The '90s Were The Golden Age Of Alt-Rock Eyebrows

Because there's basically nothing sexier than a well-arched brow.

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2. Damon Albarn of Blur

The Britpop war of the '90s didn't extend exclusively to the music of Blur and Oasis...but also to brows. If the delicate hairs are supposed to showcase human emotion, here the frontman expresses a melancholic sensuality with HARDLY ANY MOVEMENT.


3. Liam Gallagher of Oasis

The other dreamy Brit on the list (there are so many!), Gallagher wanted nothing more than Oasis to be the next Beatles, which is totally OK because does that guy have some George Harrison-level brows or what?!

4. Michael Stipe of R.E.M.

Godfather of college-radio indie, mastermind of R.E.M., and all-around cool guy Michael Stipe can do no wrong...and was born with flawless eyebrows. I mean, just look at them: effortless perfection.

6. Justine Frischmann of Elastica

Every cool indie-rock boy in the '90s had a crush on Justine from Elastica, and I truly hope it was 87%, because she has some of the best eyebrows of all time: thick arches that are basically the face version of, like, scenic mountain ranges or something.

7. Guy Picciotto of Fugazi / Rites of Spring

In the same way you can't talk about D.C. music without mentioning Dischord Records, you can't talk about indie rock eyebrows with talking about Guy Picciotto. I'm pretty sure you could lose something in those beautifully un-manicured forests of total human perfection.

8. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth

Another goddess from Planet Alt-Rock, Kim Gordon, whose blacker-than-black brows sit below tufts of golden blonde hair, a brilliant juxtaposition that makes me wish I had thicker eyebrows. And musical talent.

9. Gavin Rossdale of Bush

He looks so cool and introspective, like the words he's singing move right through you, piercing your soul. But is it really found in the power of Bush lyrics? No, it's not. It's the eyebrows. Think about it.

11. Stephen Malkmus of Pavement

The most '90s alt heartthrob imaginable, Stephen Malkmus was the crush to end all crushes. Here he is using his iconic brows to flirt with you in the best GIF to ever happen to humanity. Ever.


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