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    Posted on May 8, 2013

    She & Him Are The Most Delightful Band Of All Time

    They're the sonic equivalent of a curtsy!

    This is She & Him.

    They're an indie folk duo that institute a lot of piano melodies, steel guitar, ukelele—all that good 'ol Americana stuff.

    This is She.

    She is Zooey Deschanel. She's an actress, she's totally charming, and she's currently starring in the Fox series New Girl. But did you know that, like, she's also super musically talented? Of course you did! We all saw Elf.

    This is He.

    He is M. Ward. He used to play with the likes of Norah Jones and Conor Oberst and was a main staple in Bright Eyes and Monsters of Folk. He met Zooey while on the set of The Go-Getter, a movie that is basically about being quirky and driving across the country but is also a little sad and life-affirming.

    They make the sweetest music possible.

    View this video on YouTube

    Literally everyone can appreciate it!

    Come on, we've all felt that way. Right? Admit it!

    She has a classic voice...

    It could move mountains! Pastel-colored, peter pan-collared mountains.

    ...and he has chops for days.

    Pretty sure Ward came out of the womb with a guitar.

    They are super adorable!

    This is Facebook default worthy.

    Adorable and sassy.

    Seriously! Ugh, stop, this is too cute. Look at M. Ward's smirk!

    Even when they try not to be.

    How is it possible to be simultaneously attractive and adorable? Alluring!

    Look at them on a boat!

    Opposite ends of the boat. Acoustic instruments. But, like, not romantic. Friend romantic. Friendmantic?

    I'm pretty sure they never go out without coordinating their outfits.

    Even on their album covers!

    See what I mean?

    I think their head size might even be the same which is weird but super cute?

    Also dance moves.

    This takes a special kind of chemistry.

    They were born in the wrong era...

    Could be the lighting in this photo, but that looks like it could have been taken anytime between 1973 and now.

    ...Because they are too attractive for 2013.

    All of the eras, really!

    "Retro" was coined for these two.

    They are basically the musical form of this:

    Sweet and classic!

    This girl even looks like she'd be in a She & Him video, right?

    Stay delightful, guys!