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Sailor Moon And The Spice Girls Are The Same Thing

Five ladies in each crew, these feminist pop heroes basically owned the '90s. Because they are both awesome and exactly the same.

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Remember the Spice Girls?

Left to Right: Scary, Baby, Posh, Ginger, and Sporty Spice. They were the English pop group of dreams with a very clear cut feminist agenda. Whoever was part of their artist development team deserves a medal for being the best and also a cut of however many millions were made on platform sneakers (looking at you, Baby Spice.)


Remember Sailor Moon?

Left to Right: Sailor Mars, Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury. The most universally recognized example of "magical girls" (a genre of Japanese anime specializing in young girls with supernatural abilities, hellbent on saving the earth/humanity/and mostly Tokyo,) Sailor Moon began as a manga series and quickly escalated to television where the series reached the height of its popularity.

They are the same thing.

Think about it. Five girls, all heroes, with different (yet familial) monikers, popular in the '90s with a tendency to wear school girl uniforms. They were the most important feminists for a generation (mine.) They were both completely awesome.


Sailor Jupiter was clearly the badass of the sailor scouts, and Sporty Spice was the badass of the Spice Girls. Physically fearless, they'd take to the frontline if/when necessary. Case closed.

I have no idea what a trackie is, in the same way I had no idea what Sailor Jupiter cooked half the time. So I guess that means they both share really specific interests that are, like, somehow niche?



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