Meet The Swedish Justin Bieber

His name is Ulrik Munther. Like Biebs, he’s 19, has the voice of an angel, and was probably actually born in Neverland.

1. This is Ulrik Munther.

Born in 1994 outside of Gothenberg, Munther began posting songs on YouTube as a tween and has been melting teenage hearts since.

Kungsbacka is a suburb of Gothenberg but also an excellent name for a koopa troopa.

3. He is Swedish Justin Bieber.

When Munther was 15, he participated in Lilla Melodifestivalen, a national Swedish singing competition. He won, qualifying for MGP Nordic, winning that title as well. He eventually went on to release a self-titled album in 2011 that went straight to #1 on the Swedish album chart the week of its release.

4. Unlike Bieber, Munther can play guitar AND harmonica at the same time.

Like Bieber, all of his songs about about girls.

5. He kind of looks like a Final Fantasy character…

I don’t know who this guy is but separated at birth or what?

6. …Also a fairy…

7. …And the Little Prince….

8. …And Peter Pan.

The 2003 movie version. Haters gonna hate.

9. Basically everything that is good in this world.

Nothing says teen sensation like a newsie cap.

10. All of his songs sound like this.

11. He’s really big in Japan.

13. He has endearing “quirks.”


— Ulrik Munther (@muntherulrik)

#Egg!— Ulrik Munther

14. “Stop eating eggs.”

@muntherulrik sluta ät ägg

— Daniel Redgert (@daniel_redgert)

@muntherulrik sluta ät ägg— Daniel Redgert

15. “You should marry an egg.”

@muntherulrik Du borde gifta dej med ett ägg!

— maddis✌ (@woytux)

@muntherulrik Du borde gifta dej med ett ägg!— maddis✌

16. “You and your fucking eggs.”

@muntherulrik du och dina jävla ägg

— Soffz (@sofialonngren)

@muntherulrik du och dina jävla ägg— Soffz

17. For whatever reason, people like to put One Direction songs to his videos.

Why you would put someone else’s song over a video clip of a pop star is beyond me.

18. Just like baby Biebs.

Because that’s what makes him beautiful.

22. Little girls love him.

With the exception of the one on the left. Not totally sure why they’re wearing terrifying Ziggy Stardust-meets-Kiss makeup, either.

24. But most importantly…

27. HAIR TWINS!!!!!

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