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Kathleen Hanna And Ad-Rock Are The Coolest Couple In Music

Love is real because the world's most perfect people are married. There's hope for us all!

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She was in Bikini Kill.

The mostly-female Olympia, Washington-based punk band quickly became iconic for their feminist stage antics and message, inspiring girls to make a name for themselves / destroy the patriarchy through what she called "riot grrrl." In the '00s, she was the leader of Le Tigre, and mixed the riot grrrl style with dance beats.


But were married in 2006.

It's evident that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but we're hesitant to get married because again they are the best feminists ever. Kathleen once stated, " I think marriage is pretty retrogressive in a lot of ways but when my health insurance ran out and getting hitched was the only way to have it again, I bit the bullet. I think the biggest compromise for me was less that it’s a patriarchal institution (Isn’t everything?) and more that I wanted to hold out till it was a right for everyone. But health insurance is pretty important and it just made sense for me to have it. I also happen to be completely in love with Adam and can’t think of anyone I’d rather be with. He really is the absolute love of my life." Awwwwwwwww!

Here they are with Cey Adams.

He's done creative work for the Beastie Boys in the past, but also Public Enemy, Biggie, Jay-Z and more. Basically awesome couple has awesome couple friends.


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