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Is This The Best Album Title Of The Year?

The name of this Danish band's first album alone could give you goosebumps. Oh, and the record is like really, really good.

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Meet Vår.

Four best friends from Copenhagen, Vår [pronounced "war"] began as a noise duo before expanding into a synth pop quartet. The band treat guitars like synthesizers, and use broken glass and sheet metal as percussion. Truly bizarre but, like, totally awesome.

Their record is titled "No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers."

Seriously, how is that not the most amazing record title you've ever heard?! The album explores issues of youth and romanticizes friendship in a way that feels familial. This is the ultimate love: these guys are so close they feel like brothers.

"The World Fell" is the lead single from "No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers." There's a bleakness here, but the apocalypse folklore is addressed with a euro club beat; Vår have found a home at the intersection of dystopia and the dance floor. Foot tapping music for the end of the world!

All of their music is complicated and beautiful, what I imagine Copenhagen feels like at night. By emphasizing the dark Vår find light, nothing as powerful as brotherhood. You can (and absolutely should) listen to more of the album at Soundcloud.