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    Hit Clips Were The Best Way To Listen To Music

    It was a testament to man's ingenuity. And attaching one (or 17) of these bad boys to your Jansport backpack was a thing of status.

    Remember Hit Clips?

    They were literally the best thing to happen to music listening in the early '00s.

    That is, until this guy came around and killed them.

    iPod killed the Hit Clip Star?

    Literally nothing is more 2000 than this.

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    It's like a Limited Too exploded.

    You couldn't really control the volume on these things...

    ...but you didn't care!

    They came in a bunch of cool colors.

    They foretold the future.


    There weren't too many song choices, but all of them were total jams.


    It didn't bother you that the commercials made no sense...

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    ...because they led us to believe Dream Street would be a thing.

    Also, they were kinda, like, mad expensive.

    So then they got, like, really fancy?

    Hit Clip Alarm Clock!

    How is this not still sold at Claire's?

    In 2002, the Dance Bot happened.

    Eventually they graduated onward to make MiniDiscs.

    Look how cute!

    The beginning of the end.

    They weren't very loud, but man, did they make the school-bus ride enjoyable.

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    There were only about 30 clips to choose from (all of the Top 40 female pop star/boy band variety), so everyone listened to the same music. Win-win.

    Too bad they sound like this when you try to play them today.

    That's supposed to be Backstreet Boys' "The Shape of My Heart."

    Here's to you, Hit Clips!

    May you always make us feel like dancing forever.