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    Updated on Aug 24, 2020. Posted on May 2, 2013

    Here's The Best New Band To Cry To

    Because being vulnerable can be empowering. Introducing Majical Cloudz.

    Majical Cloudz is the project of Montreal’s Devon Welsh and friend Matthew Otto, a moniker credited most famously on the Grimes’ track “Nightmusic.” Welsh’s contributions were entirely instrumental, no one aware that the dude could melt hearts with a single lyric. That is, until the release of the Turns Turns Turns EP last year.

    All of Majical Cloudz's music can be described as minimal, little more than rich vocals and piping synth loops. But boy, do they have stories to tell.

    View this video on YouTube

    If you manage to watch this video without being brought to tears (or, at the very least, are given goosebumps), you either a) weren't watching closely enough or b) aren't human. Go home, dim the lights, watch carefully. It deserves your undivided attention.

    The song deals with the untimely death of a father. The video stars Devon's dad, Kenneth Welsh, best known for his role as Windom Earle on Twin Peaks. Apparently emoting haunting beauty runs in the family, and I want them genes.

    "What That Was" is a love letter to Devon's best friend, who he refers to by name. There are seriously like 18 billion beautiful songs about love in this world, but how many are about best friends? In the last chorus: "Hey what was that? You're the best friend that I have ever had." A new anthem for you and your bff!

    If that's not enough to make you feel super sentimental, listen to "Bugs Don't Buzz," the band's latest single. It begins, "The cheesiest songs all end with a smile / This won't end with a smile." Beautiful!

    Basically they can do no wrong. You'll never appreciate feeling down the same way again. Listen to more Majical Cloudz on Soundcloud.