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    Posted on May 10, 2013

    Demi Lovato Is Pretty Much Amazing At Life

    From her Disney days to her graceful recovery to her incredibly successful singing career, Demi has done it all. And it turns out she's basically the best at everything she does.

    It's impossible not to love Demi Lovato.

    She's reinvented herself time and time again (I guess this is what they call growing up?) and she's done so with total grace.

    She's always been great!

    Lovato got her start as a wee lass on Barney & Friends, which is almost too adorable to believe. She had little glasses and that huge, unmistakeable smile. It's just too cute I can't even deal with it! Oh and Selena Gomez also starred on the program, they've literally known each other forever.

    Even when she was on the Disney Channel.

    Plus all her characters we're a little over the top, in a really delightful, quirky way, setting herself up to become the totally talented badass woman she would become — the one she is today!

    She's a talented actress.

    From Disney to movies, Demi can do it all. Go grrrl!

    But most importantly, she can really belt it out.

    Thank god someone was like, "yo, you should probably try singing." We all owe that guy one.

    Intensity is her specialty (and she makes it look really fun!)

    Look at that passion!

    It's like, have you even heard "Heart attack"?

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    SO GOOD!!

    She's so great, people make gifs of her doing things that don't even make sense.

    There is no reason this gif should exist but I'm happy it does?

    Her fans are called Lovatics.

    Love + Addict? But it ends with a c. I really don't get it, but there it is.

    She's a good friend.

    Anyone else weirded out about how Vine-y this feels? DEMI WAS (/IS) THE FUTURE.

    At least to Selena Gomez.


    But probably more people, right?

    Whatever. Besties are way better than regular friends.

    They take BFF pics just like you and me!

    With the exception of, like, having someone take the image for them. That or Gomez has abnormally long arms? Mirror trick?

    She's (fashion) adventurous!

    Look at that giant bun wave thing. I'm not even sure how it can defy gravity but when you're Demi, you have that power. THE power.

    Going where others fear to trend.

    Haha, get it? "Trend"? Instead of "Tread"?

    She's fearlessly honest.

    She's vulnerable, and yet, she could still kick your ass, you know?

    See what I mean? Facing challenges and overcoming them: this is the Demi Lovato story.

    She's not afraid to show emotion.

    So brave!

    This is how a queen cries, am I right or am I right?

    She's hella sassy.


    She can be super adorable.

    And, like, totally gorgeous.

    Not to mention: sexy.

    Too hot to handle.

    See what I mean?

    She'll talk about the issues.

    And how they effect her own life.

    In what universe could Demi be considered anything even close to fat?!

    In a really, really, realistic manner.

    I mean, girl, you're are everything that is wonderful in this world. Who gives a flying flip about supermodels? Serrrrrriously.

    She gives great advice.

    Stay Strong—just like Demi!

    She's basically the best.

    Can you say role model?

    We know, Demi. We know.