Chris Brown’s New Video Has An Aaliyah Hologram

A lot of people are not happy about this.

Chris Brown released a video for “Don’t Think They Know” today, the new single from his forthcoming record, X. The video deals with issues of gun violence against children, and depicts Brown as some sort of hero/god. The song itself features a sample from a previously unheard Aaliyah track, and… holograms of the late R&B icon. What?

2. And people are not happy about it.



I thought I’d never be an Angry White Girl about Chris Brown again but omg did you fucking touch Aaliyah what the fuck die

J. Escobedo Shepherd


“Chris Brown f. Aaliyah” makes me feel so many ways and all of them are bad

steven j. horowitz


omg stop it RT @Navjosh Hip Hop N More: Chris Brown Announces New Single Feat. Aaliyah

Max Mertens


…No. MT @pitchforkmedia Here’s the video for Chris Brown’s “Don’t Think They Know”, featuring Aaliyah’s vocals (and an Aaliyah hologram)

6. Here’s the video, you can see it for yourself.

Video available at:

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