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    Jul 19, 2013

    9 Signs Your Mom Is Your Biggest Musical Influence

    Because she knows best. Duh.

    1. You think this man has the perfect male voice.

    There is something so incredibly powerful about Andrea Bocelli, and he's totally the kind of chanteur who's music you'll share with your children one day.

    2. And no woman will ever sound as heavenly as Aretha.

    She's a goddess sent from above and we are SO lucky to have her.

    3. It wasn't well until adulthood when you discovered Fleetwood Mac's history with drug use.

    Mom would never tell you that. But she sure has hell would play "Dreams" on repeat.

    4. You're delighted when surprising instruments appear in pop songs.

    Guitar-drums-bass-saxophone, or something.

    5. You remember the first time you sang "Hey Jude" together.

    Or virtually any Beatles song. And it was amazing.

    6. This guy was basically a member of your family.

    Mr. Bennett, I love you.

    7. The best music makes you weep.

    And for the artist, there is literally nothing more complimentary than feeling all of the feelings.

    8. Your taste is often accessible and timeless, not show off-y and loud.

    "This new music isn't rock 'n' roll."

    9. And most importantly, you know that the best songs empower women.