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9 Musician Couples That Should've Happened

The world wants you, nay, needs you to get together.

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1. Conor Oberst & Fiona Apple

Imagine: the two melodramatic geniuses of the early aughts getting together. I'm not sure our hearts could take it but, like, holy cow what if they did a duet? Someone get on a "Criminal"/"Lover I Don't Have to Love" mashup, stat!

2. Kanye West & Beyoncé

Ok, so they would probably be the worst couple of all time, but imagine the POWER. Music would hault, love would become synonymous with the apocalypse. This would be the end of everything.


3. Billy Corgan & Ashlee Simpson

Billy gets around a lot: he's dated Tila Tequila, one of The Veronicas, and Ashlee's sister Jessica Simpson. Why he opted for the blonde bombshell instead of the "La La" pop-punk princess is beyond me. Is it too late? I know you'd have to invent a time machine for this to happen but come onnnn.

4. New Kids On The Block's Jonathan Knight & Ricky Martin

The greatest '90s couple that never happened. Why didn't this happen? Two of the most handsome men on planet Earth and they didn't date. Boo.

5. Morrissey & Kim Deal from The Pixies and The Breeders

Morrissey probably shouldn't date anyone, but if he did, it would have to be bassist Kim Deal. She's talented, I'm sure they're fans of each others music, it would just make sense. Deal's happily married these days, though, and I'm pretty sure Morrissey is engaged to himself. So it goes.

8. Mark McGrath & Shania Twain

They made a song together, it's called "Party For Two" (it's not very good) and I'm going to believe it was actually them professing their love for each other. The early '00s were all about frosted tips and men's shirts (not to mention, short skirts) and they're to blame... so why didn't they see that they were a match made in heaven?


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