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    9 Kids Who Joined Their Dad's Band

    Like father like son... and daughter!

    1. Daxx Nielsen of Cheap Trick

    Three years ago drummer Bun E. Carlos announced that he would leave Cheap Trick, giving the coveted position to none other than lead guitarist Rick Nielsen's son, Daxx. Bun E. is still largely recognized as the band's percussionist, but if you see them live, you're gonna get Daxx.

    2. Wolfgang Van Halen of Van Halen

    When Michael Anthony, the original bass player of Van Halen left, he was replaced with Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang. It was a thing of convenience but now the guy with the coolest name and the coolest dad ever are in the coolest band ever. Science.

    3. Moon Unit Zappa & Frank Zappa

    A professional actress, Moon Unit Zappa sought out a different sort of artistic field from daddy Frank; that is with the very real exception of "Valley Girl," released in 1982, when the young lady collaborated with her father. The result is quite possibly Frank Zappa's most touching song ever.

    4. Jason Bonham of Led Zeppelin

    Possibly the best known father-son musical partnership on this list, Jason Bonham filled in on drums following the death of his father John in 1980.

    5. Lukas Nelson and Willie Nelson

    Willie Nelson's son Lukas has had a fairly successful solo music career, but it should be noted that the guy got his start playing with his good ol' pop.

    6. Steve Rodford of The Zombies

    When the Zombies first reunited in 2004, Pianist/Vocalist Rod Argent's cousin Jim Rodford (of The Kinks and Argent) took over bass duties while his son Steve took over drums, basically turning The Zombies into a family band.

    7. Oliver Wakeman of Yes

    Rick Wakeman's son, Oliver, briefly toured with Yes around the same time Mystery frontman Benoît David took lead vocalist Jon Anderson's place. What makes this case particularly interesting is not that Oliver joined the band, but that he took his father's place following Rick Wakeman's illness.

    8. Tao Seeger and Pete Seeger

    Pete Seeger is actually Tao Seeger's grandfather, but I'll let this one slide — it's still an intimate familial bond! Tao started playing with his grandfather at the age of fourteen and has been doing so on and off ever since. That doesn't mean he doesn't write his own songs: Tao is also one of the founding members of the Mammals, a short lived folk rock band.

    9. Melanie Gabriel and Peter Gabriel

    Like many of the offspring on this list, Melanie Gabriel has pursued a music career separate from her father... but that doesn't mean they have toured together! Since 2003, Melanie has toured with Papa Peter as a back up vocalist. Strong genes!