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7 Reasons Trent Lane From "Daria" Is Basically Trent Reznor

This is why you had a crush on a cartoon punk.

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This is Trent Lane.

On the popular late '90s MTV program Daria, Trent plays Daria's best friend Jane's attractive older brother. For the first three seasons Daria has a crush on Trent, one which he is largely unaware of. The two never get together but have some killer music-related adventures.

They also sort of look the same? Listen, there's no way the creators of Daria weren't inspired by Reznor.

6. They share an interest in dark and brooding things, like space.

But let's be real here, Reznor is obviously the better lyricist. That doesn't mean they don't have things in common!

There's a big black hole

Gonna eat me up someday

Someday fades away

Like a memory

Or a place that you'd rather be

Some place lost in space

Itch in my head, that's telling me somewhere

Somewhere out there anywhere

I don't care

Get me out of here

- Deep

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