30 Pop Stars That Are Actually Pokemon

The music industry is all like, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”

1. Gene Simmons is Lickitung


2. Ke$ha is Meowth


3. Christina Aguilera is Ninetails


4. Lady Gaga is Jynx


5. Kanye West is Gastly (and Haunter and Gengar)


6. Hayley Williams is Flareon


7. Taylor Swift is Clefairy


8. Katy Perry is Venomoth


9. Fred Durst is Voltorb


10. Morrissey is Wigglytuff


11. Odd Future are Exeggcute


12. John Cena (he’s also a rapper!) is Graveller


13. M.I.A. is Bulbasaur


14. The Notorious B.I.G. is Kangaskhan


15. Moby is Diglett


16. LL Cool J is Parasect


17. Prince is Alakazam


18. Grimes is Mew


19. Gwen Stefani is Dratini


20. Adele is Chansey


21. That guy from Wheatus is Tentacool


22. Kelly Clarkson is Eevee


23. Weird Al is Mr. Mime


24. Chris Brown is Arbok


25. Cee Lo Green is Snorlax


26. Robyn is Oddish


27. Rihanna is Ponyta


28. Cher is Articuno


29. Björk is Jigglypuff


30. Rod Stewart is Metapod


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