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27 Things Only Blink-182 Fans Will Understand

I guess this is growing up.

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1. Everyone knows that Blink-182 started out as just "Blink," but only real fans know about "Big Oily Men."

The short-lived joke band never played a show, and Blink-182's Tom DeLonge was its only constant member. In fact, the only proof that Big Oily Men ever existed was a sheet of notebook paper with the band's name written illegibly, permanently attached to the crappy van DeLonge drove in high school.

3. In fact, only Blink fans actually know what "Loserkids" means., the hub for all skate punks/mall goths to purchase music merchandise, joined forces with Blink in 1997 to launch, a specialty wing for all things alt-rock.

5. If you're a real Blink aficionado, you know that this was the band's first recorded release:


Flyswatter had original recordings of "Reebok Commercial," "Time," and "Point of View," which would later appear on Buddha, and ends with a super amazing cover of Dinosaur Jr.'s "Freak Scene." Who said pop punk couldn't get down with indie rock?

11. And you know that the "182" doesn't actually mean anything.


There are a few popular myths as to what the number actually stands for: the number of times Al Pacino says "fuck" in Scarface, bassist Mark Hoppus' ideal weight, the number of Hoppus' grandpa's race car, the number of Hoppus' grandpa's boat in World War ll. My personal favorite is the most conspiracy theory-esque: the eighteenth letter in the alphabet is "R." The second letter is "B." 18 + 2 = 182 and RB, or Rancho Bernardo, where Mark and original drummer Scott Raynor lived for years.

12. You constantly share really weird facts about the band with people who don't care that much.

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Like, you totally know that Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise had to convince Kevin Lyman, founder of the Van's Warped Tour, to allow Blink-182 to play, claiming "They were going to be gigantic," or that in the "What's My Again Again?" video, the dancers really didn't know the band was going to be naked—the surprise on their faces is totally real. Why doesn't everyone know this stuff?

17. While other skate punks purchased MacBeth shoes because they were sold at PacSun, you bought them because Tom DeLonge owns the company.


Duh. AND you knew that in certain models, under the sole of shoe, were lyrics from bands the company sponsored. Popular references: "Regrets are worthless," from the Midtown song, "No Place Feels Like Home," and "...because anything is better than lying in some comfortable deathbed, staring at the abyss, as afraid of living as I am of not living," from the Bane song, "Bang the Drum Slowly."

24. The first (and quite often, the last) song you learned to play on guitar was "Dammit."


You heard three chords are all it takes to make a punk song—but three POWER CHORDS? Your fingers hardly have to move and you get to create a beautiful sound.

25. You were stoked when the band reunited in 2009, but were all like "wtf" at the synthesizers on their new album.


On February 22, 2005, Tom DeLonge left the band in a move they dubbed an "indefinite hiatus." Four years later, the band returned with the album Neighborhoods, recalling the sound of their self-titled album. No dick jokes here!

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