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    27 Signs You Grew Up A Christian Music Fan

    No, it's not just Switchfoot.

    1. You dreamt about going to Creation Fest every year.

    It always looked like the best time ever!

    2. And/or Cornerstone Festival.

    Especially if you were into heavier jams.

    3. You didn't (and still don't!) listen to Christian music exclusively.


    Why did everyone think that? You loved it all (mostly.)

    4. You knew how to play a minimum of three hymns on acoustic guitar.


    Always acoustic. It was just more intimate!

    5. But whenever anyone mocked Christian rock for being "wussy," you knew it was because they'd never heard a Tooth & Nail band before.

    Norma Jean? Underoath? Emery? Ivoryline? Come onnnnnn, everyone else!

    6. Because you knew that U2 are technically a Christian band.

    7. And Black Sabbath...

    It's was obvious!

    8. ...Mumford and Sons...

    Basically every popular band ever.

    9. Mosh pits were always super well-mannered.


    And bands often stopped in the middle of songs to thank Jesus. It was totally welcomed!

    10. This was your mantra:


    Why was all other music so mopey?

    11. And there was a high probability you owned some variant of this shirt:


    Posi vibes, brah.

    12. You knew your favorite band's "secular" song.


    There was always at least one.

    13. When people mocked Christian music, you politely reminded them where the biggest female pop star got her start.

    She'll always be Katy Hudson to you.

    14. It doesn't surprise you that Skillet became one of the world's biggest rock bands.



    15. And not Jars of Clay.


    Oh no.

    16. P.O.D. will always be so much more than those "Youth of A Nation" guys.


    And while it took the rest of the world an embarrassingly long time to realize that stands for "Payable on Death," and that the Southern California nu metal band had a bunch of hits, you were on top of it. Limp Bizwho?

    17. Did I mention the coolest dudes in indie were openly christian? Heeeeeello Damien Jurado!


    He's still the coolest.

    18. And Pedro the Lion!


    Not only is David Bazan the coolest dude of all time ever, he was in everyone's favorite Christian indie band Pedro the Lion. At one point Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie was also in the band, as well as Christian Wargo, Casey Wescott and Nick Peterson formerly of Fleet Foxes. Big names!

    19. Don't forget Belle & Sebastian.


    Who could?

    20. And, uh, SUFJAN STEVENS?!?!

    Take that, indie rock!

    21. Christian music existed in every genre... and still does!


    And more often than not, was better than it's secular counterpart. RELIENT K = BEST POP PUNK. Sorry, not sorry.

    22. You thought about getting a Hebrew tattoo.


    You weren't really sure why, but, like, every Christian band had at least one member branded with the language.

    23. Youth Group (and the potlucks) were a lifestyle.


    And probably still are!

    24. You knew that the GMAs are the real Grammys.

    Founded in 1969 and covering every genre/category imaginable, grabbing a Gospel Music Association Award (Dove Award) was the ultimate in Christian music.

    25. These were your go-to magazines:

    Your "music bibles," am I right?

    26. And most importantly, you knew that Christian music will always be awesome!


    Every song had meaning... what could beat that?