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25 Signs You Were A College Radio DJ

Because other college clubs just weren't alternative enough for you.

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5. You've slept on the gross couch in the station.

Every station has one, and it's probably been there for decades. You had no idea what the stains were, but boy, did you take a few naps on it. Popular folklore: cat pee, whiskey, sex stains...


10. You could name the one creepy guy who called in every week.

He would refer to you by first name as if you were buds or something. Hopefully you had caller ID and stopped picking up. Heaven forbid you'd run into him in person!


16. And if there was any danger of your station losing its signal, you fought like hell to keep it.

Commercial radio stations have a long history of trying to buy FM signals from schools. Universities, with growing frequency, have complied because they view the FM signal as unnecessary — especially in the internet era. But you wouldn't let this happen, because tradition and stuff. (And sometimes Chuck D of Public Enemy would show up to support you?)


19. You were constantly astonished by the stories of the people who stopped by your station in its "golden days."

Or you were a DJ during those "golden days" and have these great stories. Nirvana in 1988? Those pretentious twentysomethings were on to something.

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