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25 Signs You're A Punk Rock Prom Queen

If Josie & the Pussycats taught us anything, it's Grrrl Power! And to not give into mean boys and the music industry and brainwashing capitalist cat ear head phones and stuff.

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1. First of all, you just know when you're a Punk Rock Prom Queen.

While the titles of "Punk Rock" and "Prom Queen" seem to contradict each other, they're both about empowerment and confidence. And that's you!


13. This is your anthem, but you're so much more!

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One of the best pop punk songs ever written, and not to mention, a feminist manifesto... "Three Small Words" is how you got your start, but every Queen has to reign individually.

15. People look to you for fashion advice.

You're an icon, and you know the dangers of it. People shouldn't dress alike... they should be inspired by your individuality (and don't worry, they totally are).



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