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24 People Who Know Exactly How Your Drake Obsession Feels

We asked a bunch of fans at his album signing why they love him. It got a little crazy.

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Following the release of his third full-length, Nothing Was the Same, Drake hosted an album signing last week at a Best Buy in New York City. Fans lined up as early as 8 p.m. the previous day to buy the record at midnight in order to obtain a wristband for the meet-and-greet and signing the following day.

Many didn't sleep, most skipped work. One thing remained consistent: Everyone there was stoked.


"At first I wasn't into him at all," Hussein admitted. "I was a Lil Wayne [fan] and I despised Drake, until this girl made me listen to one song, 'Sooner Than Later.' I liked how he did [both] singing and rapping. And then, I gave more of his music a chance instead of just blindly hating him. I became a fan, and then I went through some things, and I could relate to him more and more. He became my favorite artist out of everybody."

When asked if Drake's ever made Hussein cry, he said, "No, never. Even though I've been through something rough, if he makes something I can relate to, it makes me feel better, not worse."

"His music is inspiring," Ian said. "I first started listening to him a year-and-a-half ago."


"I've been a longtime fan, since his mixtape, So Far Gone," Carlos explained.

"Drake's one of the greatest," Gene said. "I think his music is great. It's really realistic. I think anyone can relate to him."

But has Drake made him cry?

"Nah, nah, but I've definitely felt down before, yeah," he said. "You're emotionally connected to all his songs, you understand where he's coming from and you feel it."


"Oh, Drake's made [Gene] cry," she said. "I haven't cried, not to Drake, no. He's really open with his emotions. I really like that about him. I love his music. My brothers are the ones that listen to him a lot. Gene here is very, very inspired by him. It's his favorite artist. That's why I was laughing at him, because I know that some of the songs have made him cry, for sure."

"Got here at midnight, we stayed until we got the wristband at 8 a.m.," said Gina, who first heard the record on the day it was released. "We haven't slept."


"The fact that he's not from the hood-hood, but he's faced his bottom, that's what I can relate to," Syeda said. "I didn't grow up in the hood-hood either. That's the biggest thing."

On her blog, she detailed her fated moment with Drizzy:

he comes outta the bathroom & we take the pic he hugz me. then from where the autographs were being held and where the bathroom was i had my hand holding Drake's & Cortez's. We talked about Nic, twitter, working..we were walking super slow too..then i told Drake i would take a bullet for YMCMB.. he said "nah don't do that or say that ok?" he kept smiling & looking at me.. he said "you're super cute & sweet" then finally i had to leave... so Drake turns around and says.. "i wanna see you again & if i do i will follow you on twitter"...& then he goes up & i yell Take Care, he turns around smiles wide dimples! & waves....the crowd cheers for his return....


"He's unafraid of his emotions and that's why he is so relatable," said the fan above.


Was he going to emerge from the back of this big truck???

"I've been bumping Drake since I was 11-years-old, since his first mixtape," the fan above said. "And I've been watching him on Degrassi since the third season. He's been a big influence on my life. I've been checking his fan page every morning since... I don't even know. Without his music, I don't even know how I'd get through. Any time I feel sad, I listen to Drake."

He's also had NWTS on repeat since it first leaked. "While I go to sleep, I'll listen to it. Like, I'll leave it on, wake up to it, get on the bus, listen to it, go to school, listen to it. Check his website. Listen to it. I'm a fiend," he admitted.

"He held my hand and bowed down to it, and then I walked away," Denise said. "We've been waiting since 3 in the morning."

All photos taken by Maria Sherman and Aylin Zafar for BuzzFeed.