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    23 Reasons Liam Payne Is Actually The Best Member Of One Direction

    Baby you light up my world like nobody else.

    Meet Liam Payne.

    Did someone say DREAMBOAT?!

    1. He's a babe.

    Total hunk!

    And he is the best member of One Direction.

    2. He only does what he wants.

    And nothing else!

    No reaction.

    You just can't mess with this boy!

    3. He will not only answer your questions, he will make them reality.

    Shaved head means he's dangerous.

    4. One time he did this.


    5. He cares about the issues.

    6. And he LOVES you!

    7. He's humble.

    Even though he's, like, one of the top 10 most popular British people right now.

    8. I guess he can DJ, too?


    9. He's a sweetheart.

    Just tryna help you out!

    10. He might just be the cutest boy to ever exist.

    Bunny hop!

    11. His eyebrows.

    Enough said.

    12. He's passionate.

    Like, super passionate.

    13. He's great to his fans.

    Nine billion percent sure when he says he loves you, he means it. Like, reeeeeeally means it.

    14. He looks excellent in any hairstyle.

    See what I mean?

    15. He's super talented.

    Serenade me!

    16. He's got moves.

    Being a dweeb has ever looked better.

    17. He is a fancy candle.

    Liam Payne


    I'm a fancy candle

    18. He loves animals.

    Look at him with this perfect puppy he is also a perfect puppy.

    19. He's clearly the coolest member.

    Just look at those other fools!

    20. He's super serious about his art.

    This is serious face.

    21. And he can joke around, too.

    While still being a badass.

    22. He's hysterical!

    I'm going to pretend he actually said "I'm freezing my peanuts off" because cute.

    Total goof.

    23. And there's a possibility he likes you too!

    Dreams can come true, ladies.