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    22 Wonderfully Bizarre Things You Will Only See At The Pitchfork Festival

    Vinyl records pressed on the spot, R. Kelly's white dove balloons, and other stuff that you're not going to find at Lollapalooza or Coachella this year.

    1. Björk performing inside a giant silver dandelion.

    Still not completely sure what's going on here, but it looks amazingly cool. Undeniable proof that Björk is superhuman.

    2. Vinyl records made right before your eyes.

    A limited edition of 120 copies of Cut Copy's new single "Let Me Show You" were pressed on the spot at the festival's record fair, and every person who bought a copy had their name engraved on it.

    3. Handmade shirts expressing all of the feelings.

    It's a new level of fandom: you can not only say what an artist means to you, you can also wear it, take it off, throw it at said musician, have him wear it on his head and later return it to you.

    4. M.I.A.'s nighttime carnival...

    M.I.A. had by far the most elaborate set at the festival.

    5. ...and her performance on this giant bouncy ball thing.

    She manages to look like a total badass while doing it!

    6. Branded self-depreciation.

    Get it? It's like "yo be my friend," but also about internet likes and stuff. It totally works.

    7. Indie kids getting excited about Twinkies.

    The western theme of the recently revamped snack cake might be the least indie rock thing to ever happen, but boy, were people getting into it.

    8. And some not so indie rock kids.

    Everyone loves a snack... and an ironic photo op.

    9. The coolest tip jars ever.

    Whoever made this deserves all the money.

    10. Shirtless bands interviewing other shirtless bands.

    Here, Canadian punkster Mac DeMarco interviews Foxygen, things get a little intimate and a little bizarre...

    11. R. Kelly's dove shaped balloons.

    May PETA activists everywhere rejoice in knowing that Kellz refused to use real birds.

    12. Secular spiritual moments via the Based God.

    The most Creation Fest-like moment was when people looked to Lil B as their savior... and justifiable so. The Based God made his audience repeat life-affirming chants of "I am happy to be alive," and "I respect everyone."

    13. A '60s-inspired rock band had a slight public meltdown.

    Foxygen frontman Jonathan Rado climbed the lighting trellace on the side of the stage before descending, accidentally smacking himself in the head. At one point, he started listing things he hated, including a declaration something to effect of "Fuck Red Bull, Fuck American Apparel, Fuck Pitchfork!" which is especially bizarre when noting that a) he's playing the fest and b) his band is so tame, you'd expect this from one of the heavier/aggressive acts.

    14. R. Kelly bringing out the festival's most diverse audience.

    People of all ages and backgrounds lined up to watch Kellz, completely mystified by the massive 38 song set. Not to mention, he closed with "I Believe I Can Fly," complete with full church choir. I'm pretty sure everyone present will never be the same again.

    15. This lineup.

    Spanning genres and decades and locations and everything, Pitchfork's lineup this year was crazy eclectic and super fun.

    16. VIP pools.

    Synchronized swimming and R. Kelly: the future is now.

    17. Models scream-singing.

    Before there was "Everything is Embarrassing," 21-year-old Sky Ferreira was a successful model... and still is. The lady can really belt it out, and when she goes, she goes hard.

    18. Singers recreating their album art on stage.

    Montreal's Autre Ne Veut had four gentlemen act out the cover of his new album Anxiety, white gloves, empty frame and all.

    19. Every collaboration ever!

    El-P and Killer Mike performed their Run the Jewels album together. Sky Ferreira and Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) performed "Everything is Embarrassing," together, and Chairlift's Caroline Polachek joined Hynes on stage during his solo set.

    20. An indie band covering Limp Bizkit and Metallica.

    Mac DeMarco played a medley of Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Taking Care Of Business," The Beatles' "Black Bird," some of Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff," and ended with Metallica's "Enter Sandman." All of them, together, in under four minutes. So weird.

    21. Hardcore bands taking a break from screaming to sit on heads.

    Trash Talk frontman Lee Spielman attempted to walk on heads during his set, but was greeted with open arms. At one point he fell to his knees, repositioning himself to sit cross-legged before being gently carried back to the stage. Friendcore!

    22. Waldo.

    I found him and he's, like, really into to Belle & Sebastian.