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    Jul 16, 2013

    21 Reasons Mac Miller Is Essentially Your Weird Cousin

    And that is why you love him.

    Say hello to Mac Miller.

    He's a 21-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh. The internet is really into him because he is delightfully eccentric and talented and stuff.

    1. And he is basically your cousin. You know the one.

    Sort of strange and entitled in the way that makes you want to hang out with him all the time?

    2. I mean, just look at how friendly he is!

    So friendly.

    3. And bizarre.

    What is he even doing?

    4. The only people stranger than him are, well, his closest friends.

    How did you find these people, Mac?

    5. But seriously... everything about him is odd. Including his diet.


    6. And because he is weird, everything is super fun.

    Non-stop fun. How does he have so much fun? Why is everything so fun?

    7. But when it comes down to behaving, he knows what's up.

    It's like a performance, really... and is just another reason why everyone in the family loves him.

    8. This isn't exactly what I would call "practicing what you preach."


    9. All of his tattoos are fairly questionable.

    Is that a Bob Marley lyric or something? What does that even mean?

    10. Probably something important, because he definitely cares about the issues.

    This means he is sensitive.

    11. He always has a very attractive AND fun girlfriend.

    And you're like, dude, how?

    12. He probably meets them at the "I'm super awesome and charming" party.

    Population: Mac Miller.

    13. Dude is full of these surprisingly witty remarks.

    If you cut him, he bleeds puns.

    See what I mean?

    Dorky and totally endearing.

    14. The jokes never end.


    15. Which allows him to stay positive.

    And is probably why you're able to tolerate all of his antics.

    The ultimate in positive.

    No time for negativity.

    16. And even still: confusion and honesty are his two biggest personality traits.

    Just like you, probably.

    17. Sometimes he just really need to chill the eff out.

    If he wasn't a little crazy, you just wouldn't love him the same way.

    18. But when he is serious, he keeps it super real.

    Every once in a while he'll drop something that'll stick with you for quite sometime.

    19. And let's face it, he's still a total badass.

    In a silly, lovable way.

    20. Underneath it all, he's a big softy...

    A total sweetheart.

    21. Because he loves you.

    You are family, after all.