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21 Of The Most Ungoogleable Bands Ever


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1. Weekend

New York via San Francisco, it's pretty evident what these guys are livin' for... but if you don't add "band" at the end of your search, you're going to have a pretty tough time locating these guys.

3. Priests

Two things: 1.) Why did it take so long for someone to name their band "Priests"? It's soooo good. 2.) Whatever the sociopolitical implications are here, it's unfortunate that the name stops them for being heard everywhere all of the time.

5. Girls

Girls are no longer a band, which has actually helped their case. Regardless of the unsearchable nature of the name, Girls were a pretty popular indie rock band in their day, so go them!

7. Cülo

Named after the not so nice Spanish term for someone's rear end (not the Pitbull song, unfortunately,) these guys are not only hard to locate... they will also cause your browser to be bombarded with porn. Oh, and I should mention that they're a hardcore punk band so for the love of god DO NOT SEARCH FOR "CULO HARDCORE." You have been warned.

Here's the playlist on Rdio.

And here it is on Spotify.

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