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    Posted on Jul 17, 2013

    21 Of The Most Ungoogleable Bands Ever


    1. Weekend

    New York via San Francisco, it's pretty evident what these guys are livin' for... but if you don't add "band" at the end of your search, you're going to have a pretty tough time locating these guys.

    2. Men

    There's also Brooklyn-based The Men, who are a lot easier to google because of the "The," but seriously guys. Cool band name but oh so hard to find.

    3. Priests

    Two things: 1.) Why did it take so long for someone to name their band "Priests"? It's soooo good. 2.) Whatever the sociopolitical implications are here, it's unfortunate that the name stops them for being heard everywhere all of the time.

    4. Women

    5. Girls

    Girls are no longer a band, which has actually helped their case. Regardless of the unsearchable nature of the name, Girls were a pretty popular indie rock band in their day, so go them!

    6. First Aid Kit

    Like Girls, First Aid Kid picked up some steam in a certain indie rock sphere, proving that naming your band a common thing isn't always detrimental.

    7. Cülo

    Named after the not so nice Spanish term for someone's rear end (not the Pitbull song, unfortunately,) these guys are not only hard to locate... they will also cause your browser to be bombarded with porn. Oh, and I should mention that they're a hardcore punk band so for the love of god DO NOT SEARCH FOR "CULO HARDCORE." You have been warned.

    8. Stars

    Ambitious name, am I right?

    9. Girls Names

    Confused fans of the Irish indie pop act must be very taken aback when a search for "Girls Names" brings them pages of "Ashley," "Britney" and "Veronica."

    10. Friends

    I think there might be a popular television program of the same name. Eeeeep.

    11. Diamond Rings

    Shining bright like a diamond can only get you so far when you're competing with THE ENTIRE WEDDING INDUSTRY.

    12. ceo

    The jokes here are a little too obvious, so to stay positive... this Swedish musician once did a really gorgeous cover of Beyoncé's "Halo."

    13. Pale

    This is just bizarre. Doesn't "Pale" make your band sound, like, really blasé in the first place?

    14. About


    15. Beaches

    For what Beaches sound like, this is a totally appropriate band name... but that doesn't make them easier to locate.

    16. Sister

    Oh, the irony.

    17. Childhood

    It's an adorable band name for an adorable band. No qualms here.

    18. Cousins

    For some reason when I searched "Cousins" I got a bunch of stuff about paint ball so I guess these guys have pursued the wrong profession.

    19. Mazes

    Mazes is a playful band name, but unless you're, like, One Direction famous, it doesn't really help their cause.

    20. Skaters

    Something tells me these guys don't skate.

    21. Merchandise

    This is fun because you can say you purchased Merchandise's Merchandise. I'm positive that's not what they were going for, but the opportunity stands.

    Here's the playlist on Rdio.

    And here it is on Spotify.