21 Life Lessons From Avril Lavigne

Can I make it anymore obvious?

1. You don’t have to grow up if you don’t want to.

In fact, you shouldn’t. Being young is awesome.


Don’t even think about it.

Like, ever.

You can be nostalgic for your own life, and it’s totally cool because, again, being young is AWESOME.

2. Getting drunk is easy.

Don’t be too particular with your party methods. What gets the job done, gets the job done.

3. Smiling for pictures is boring.

Expose your personality to the world! Confidence is infectious.

4. Dyeing your hair fun colors is always a good idea!

A mini makeover of the rainbow variety. Who doesn’t like color?

5. Anthems don’t actually have to make sense.

But like yeah, whatever, I get it?

6. You can be a badass and vulnerable at the same time.

Feeling all of the feelings.

7. Which actually makes you more of a badass!

Translation: If someone isn’t going to love you the way you love them, LEAVE. You’re better than that. Thanks for clearing that up, Avril!

8. It’s possible to pull off Skrillex hair.

But it is very, very hard.

9. Things are complicated.

All the things.

10. It’s okay to question the metaphysical things in life.

Like, think about it. What the hell?

11. Simplicity is key.

Know what you want, even if it’s chaos.

12. Burning stuff is totally awesome.

But probably not safe. I don’t recommend doing this.

13. Stay strong!

The only way to get yourself out of a messy situation is to know that you can.

14. It’s okay to be in touch with your feelings!

15. Because everyone feels lonely sometimes.

And that’s okay!

16. There is never an inappropriate time to wear a tutu.

As long as it’s black and totally punk rock.

17. Or a hooded cape poncho thing.

Also black. That thing must be the most comfortable item of clothing of all time.

18. Boys with guitars are hot!

Marriage track record: Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley — played guitar. Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger — plays guitar. Checks out.

19. Bad boys are not.

And they aren’t worth your time.

20. Because you’re a motherfucking princess.

And should be treated like one!

And most importantly…

21. …FUCK IT!

Because Avril is awesome and you are awesome.

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