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    19 Signs You Are A Selenator

    All hail Princess Selena Gomez!

    1. First and foremost: you understand that Selena Gomez is, like, superhuman.

    She's one of your favorite singers/actresses in recent history, and with good reason: lady has had a truly dynamic career... all before turning 21!

    2. Because Selena Gomez has always been totally awesome.

    She was basically born perfect.

    3. You've loved her since she starred in Wizards of Waverly Place.

    Maybe even before! Perhaps all the way back to her Barney & Friends days?

    4. And through her "experimental" phase with Spring Breakers.

    You realize she's growing up, and you couldn't be more pleased with how artfully she's doing it!

    5. You know that where was another Selena before Ms. Gomez, but there can only be one in your heart.

    She was named after a legend... born for her own greatest!

    6. You understand the power of friendship.

    You probably have a great bestie, too, that you can jam to "Come and Get It," together!

    7. You own all of these:

    And can identify the tracklisting immediately after seeing the cover. That takes dedication!

    8. You've thought about purchasing these weird glasses before.

    Look at how adorable Selena looks in them!

    9. Her daring fashion choices inspire you to try new things.

    She looks like a perfect angel goddess.

    10. You look up to her ability to work hard and play hard.

    It's the best way to live!

    11. You know the unofficial commandments of Selenator-dom.

    You didn't need to learn this stuff, your admiration for the young starlet came easily.

    12. Her excitement is incredibly contagious.

    You get excited when she does something exciting!

    13. Her amazingness transcend language barriers.

    You probably know other Selenators from around the world. This love knows no bounds!

    14. You're a really positive person, just like Selena!

    Peace signs never looked so cool.

    15. You have an artistic side.

    Creativity is key.

    16. And gain strength from Selena Gomez.

    She's basically your role model!

    17. You're constantly bewildered by how great she is with her fans.

    Because you know that at the end of the day, she loves you as much as you love her!

    18. Like, she really loves you.