18 People Who Think They Sound Like Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was the best. No one’s debating that. But did you know a lot of people sound like him? They do. Well, some do.

1. Seether

Proof that there are negative forces in the universe. After Kurt’s untimely passing, some jerk decided it was okay to make “post-grunge” a thing, and the world was given Seether. What’s most annoying is that frontman Shaun Morgan kinda really sounds like Kurt Cobain, and is adamant about his fandom. He’s actually pretty hard to hate.

They even covered Nirvana live!

And they do so, a lot. Unapologetically. They love them some Nirvana. Too bad their original material is so bleh.

2. Puddle of Mudd

See Seether above.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Okay, this one’s a joke, but like, JGL? Whatchu doin’ up there? You’re adorable on the silver screen, don’t ruin you for us.

4. Miley Cyrus

A thousand beautiful baby doves flew into a glass patio door upon hearing this.

5. Paul Anka

I love that this starts with Paul Anka saying, “Nirvana! Yes… Nirvana,” as if no one really understands what’s about to happen. So he clearly doesn’t think he’s Kurt, but, like, this is kind of awesome. Right? Yes… Nirvana.

6. That other guy from the Red Hot Chili Peppers

John Frusciante is his name. He has a decent rasp, and because he is not Anthony Kiedis, this is good.

7. Finger Eleven

Then there were a slew of vaguely Christian rock bands who jumped on the Kurt bandwagon. Finger Eleven first in line.

8. Flyleaf

Remember Flyleaf? That one band that was kind of like Evanescence and had that one song where the frontwoman would scream a lot? Citing Nirvana as one of their major influences (the other is God?) the band attempted to cover “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” which I believe would have been OK if Lacey Mosley sang in her own register and didn’t attempt Kurt inflections. Because no.

9. Jared Leto

What was supposed to be a touching tribute to Kurt ended up being just another gross thing post-Jordan Catalano Jared Leto did, dressing up as the Nirvana frontman during the band’s MTV Unplugged session, six months before Kurt’s suicide. He attempts to recreate the scene, even dying his hair blond which is just, well, creepy. You do you, Jared. Leave Kurt out of it.

10. Russian Kurt

Sometimes, in other countries, people pop up with angel voices. These people often sound like Kurt Cobain, and are allowed to reap the financial benefits of covering, and quite often, embodying the past icon. This is Russian Kurt. He doesn’t dress up like Cobain, but he certainly sounds like him. Eerily beautiful!

11. Peruvian Kurt


Peruvian Kurt gets paid money to perform Nirvana songs and wear his hair like him. He even introduces himself as “Kurt Cobain” while on stage. Yuuuup.

12. This adorable little boy.

Where are these magic children and how do I reserve my life so I can be as cool?

13. Basically every guy with a guitar on the internet.


Dude is a little too nasily, getting dangerously close to Brett Michaels territory.


Gotta hand it to this guy, this is the face of passion. And he’s a lot more videos where this came from. A lot. More.


This looks like it cost a lot of money to make.

18. Especially dudes with long hair.

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