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    16 Reasons Paris Hilton Is A Painfully Underrated Musician

    May we never forget she wrote a song called "Drunk Text."

    1. First things first: "Stars Are Blind" might be the world's most perfect song.


    2. Seriously. Stars. Are. Blind.

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    Via Warner Bros

    A breezy, reggae-informed beach love song, as sweet and relatable as the sensation herself. There's nothing complicated here and it's catchy as hell, making it totally impossible to ignore. The sonic equivalent of a summer fling!

    3. And what about "Nothing In This World"?

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    For some reason, this track isn't as well known as "Stars Are Blind" (is there no justice in this world?) but is probably the poppier of the two. Written by Dr. Luke — the man responsible for basically every famous pop song ever — this jam is the perfect soundtrack for a sunny road trip with your closest girlfriends. That AND it has been remixed time and time again for the dance floor. The best of both worlds!

    4. Oh, and did I mention she's basically the sexiest pop star of all time?

    I mean, come onnnnnnn!

    5. And she literally wrote a song with Lil Wayne called "Last Night (I Wanna Bang You)."

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    It's kind of amazing? Lil Wayne even signed her to his Cash Money label, so if Weezy approves, you know it's good.

    6. Just look at how natural she looks with a microphone!

    She's just got. it.

    7. She can be nerdy and edgy when she wants to be.

    Which is basically totally necessary for pop stardom. She's dynamic!

    8. And she's a classic beauty. / Via

    All bases covered!

    9. Lady Gaga supports her.

    And she's right about everything.

    10. She can DJ.

    So she feels totally comfortable "performing" music in front of an audience! Even with all that controversy around her getting booed during a set in San Paolo, Hilton had a great to all the haters: You're WRONG.

    11. There were so many jams on this it's unreal:

    Soooooo good.

    12. Her life philosophy is clear and easy to follow.

    You know, so her adoring fans can quickly pick up on the lingo.

    13. The pop catchphrases are undeniable!

    This should be on T-shirts EVERYWHERE.

    14. I mean, she's already a celebrity.

    She clearly has the personality for pop stardom.

    15. A total diva.

    So sasssssy.

    16. So in conclusion, she's totally a pop princess.

    That's so hot.