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13 Reasons "The Ashlee Simpson Show" Was The Ultimate In Mid-'00s Celebreality

A completely entertaining mix of career, roller coaster relationships, and... acid reflux?

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6. First, this was the cutest couple ever...

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His name is Josh Henderson, he's an actor/model/all around renaissance man. Unfortunately their relationship doesn't survive past episode three.


9. There was an entire episode dedicated to SNL damage control.

After lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live, Ashlee Simpson responded by doing a hoedown jig—not the most graceful move. Following the mishap, Simpson called into MTV's TRL and blamed the situation on severe acid reflux. We feel ya, girl!


11. She hosted taco parties with her friends.

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Just like you and me!

12. There was that one time Ryan Cabrera told Ashlee: "You know what I love about you? You have the eyes of a gorilla."

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"Don't gorillas have green eyes?"

No, Ryan. Gorillas do not have green eyes.