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    12 Things You Might Not Know About TLC

    What happens when you mix a Spice Girl with the "L" in TLC? Greatness. Greatness happens.

    1. TLC was originally named "2nd Nature."

    "2nd Nature" was the idea of then-teenaged Crystal Jones — the "C" before being replaced by Chili. The name change was the idea of manager Perri "Pebbles" Reid (thank you Pebbles.) Oddly enough, the name was adopted by a short lived all-male R&B group three years later so I guess they made the right move.

    2. Cee Lo Green sang on "Waterfalls."

    Edgar Su / Reuters

    Before Gnarls Barkley, when the music world was largely unfamiliar with Cee Lo Green as a singer, the rapper had a guest spot on "Waterfalls," TLC's most famous hit. The guy was meant for greatness!

    3. CrazySexyCool was the first record made the female group to go diamond.

    Diamond is a term created by the RIAA in 1999 to certify when a record sells over ten million copies. CrazySexyCool helped solidify TLC's place as the best selling female group of all time.

    4. TLC recorded the theme for Nickeloden’s All That.

    The teen comedy sketch ran for 10 seasons, and with it, the unforgettable (and classically TLC) theme... not to mention Left Eyes' incredible rap verse. We all of that!

    5. In the 2010 film The Other Guys, Michael Keaton’s character keeps unknowingly quoting TLC songs.

    And he says he doesn't "understand the reference," when he's called out on it. He starts with with "Waterfalls," followed by "No Scrubs" and "Creep." It's kind of totally awesome. Watch the clip here.

    6. Left Eye once lit her boyfriend's mansion on fire.

    On June 9, 1994, Left Eye lit then boyfriend/football star Andre Rison’s shoes in his bathtub, setting fire to his $2 million mansion. She pled guilty to arson, but did reconcile with Rison, who she dated on and off for seven years.

    7. Left Eye gave her drunken persona a name.

    In the 2002 VH1 documentary The Last Day of Left Eye, Left Eye admits to battling with alcoholism, revealing that she becomes a different person when she drinks — a person she refers to as "Nikki."

    8. Left Eye rapped on former Spice Girl Melanie C’s “Never Be the Same Again."

    Sporty Spice's solo career did fairly well, and "Never Be the Same Again" went #1 in 35 countries including the UK. It's a sad, slow jam, but also really sexy (how could it not be?) Listen here.

    9. Future Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kandie Burruss wrote “No Scrubs.”

    Before joining the other ladies on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandie Burruss wrote "No Scrubs" alongside producer Kevin “She’kspere" Briggs and fellow Xscape member Tameka “Tiny” Cottle (they had a hit in 1993 called "Just Kickin' It" before forming their own duo called KAT.) At the time, Briggs was an in-house producer at LaFace records, where he wrote the original version of the song. Burruss and Cottle changed the lyrics, including the now-famous "Scrubs" term. The execs at the label thought the song would work best for TLC and asked them to give up the single. Burruss later went on to write "Bills, Bills, Bills" for Destiny's Child with the help of Briggs.

    10. TLC recorded a tribute to the Japanese rock band L'Arc~En~Ciel.

    TLC recorded a cover of the song "Rainbow" by L'Arc~En~Ciel for a tribute album that also featured covers by Daniel Powter, Maxi Priest and Boyz ll Men. You can hear the cover here.

    11. In 2002, Chili starred in the dating program What Chili Wants.

    The VH1 reality program only lasted two seasons, but gave TLC fans everywhere the chance to see an intimiate side of Chili on her quest to find love... but to no avail! Life post-Usher just ain't that easy.

    12. Left Eyes’ casket was engraved with the lyrics to “Waterfalls."

    Her verse to the group's most popular song remain forever engraved on her tombstone. The young star was buried at Hillandale Memorial Gardens in Lithonia, Georgia. It's hard to think of a more beautiful way to celebrate the short yet incredible life of Left Eye.