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12 Signs You Love Dad Music

Dads are the best, so no wonder you want to like the same things as them. Dad Rawk Forever!

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2. This song is more than a google commercial.

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Some guy tries to go from Washington State to Los Angeles by searching for directions on Google, but more importantly, he obsessively listens to The National's "Apartment Story," which is awesome and very much dad rock.


6. You know that this is the best summer song of all time.

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The Eagles "Hotel California" might be one of the world's most perfect songs. Seriously, try to find someone who doesn't love this.

7. And this is the ultimate sex song.

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Back. In. Black.


11. You know that the best songs reference whiskey.

Van Halen, The Doors, George Jones, Steely Dan, Thin Lizzy, Wilco, and Willie Nelson all have songs about drinking, and their elixir of choice is always whiskey. This is not coincidence.