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    Learn How To Be A Proactive Corgi Lover With CorgiPals CEO Paige K. Davis!

    With the recent news that Corgis may be destined for the endangered breeds list, the need to celebrate and preserve this particularly lovable breed of dog has become more urgent than ever. Thankfully, people like Paige Davis are passionate enough about the breed to start up something like CorgiPals, a charity devoted to the well being of Corgis everywhere. Read on for Paige’s explanation of just why Corgis are so great, and learn about a fun new campaign she has developed with The Daily Corgi to help some sweet pets!

    Paige with her Corgis Dexter Jaymz and Violet / Via Facebook: corgipals

    What first made you interested in Corgis and, subsequently, starting CorgiPals?

    Paige K. Davis: I first became interested in Corgis after seeing the anime (Japanese cartoon) Cowboy Bebop. One of the main characters in the show is Ein (short for Einstein) the data dog who happens to be a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. After seeing this clip of Ein bouncing around on those stubby little legs in my favorite episode, I was totally hooked and started researching Corgis online. After learning more about the breed, I started looking for blogs to follow, because I wanted to know how Corgis were as pets and companions, not just as dogs. That's when I stumbled across the Corgi Butts blog and fell in love with Gibson. After seeing his adorable pictures and reading about Kelly's adventures with him, I knew Corgis were for me.

    That fateful Cowboy Bebop clip.

    When was CorgiPals started?

    P: CorgiPals started as a blog on February 20, 2011. We basically just shared success stories of rescued Corgis, Corgis that were waiting to be adopted, etc. Then in May 2011 I got an email from Corgi Mom Sandi about her girl Bella, asking if I could help raise money to have her treated for a mysterious nerve disorder in her face. I thought it was worth a try and the response I got from Corgi Nation was astounding and we were able to raise $2,400. At that point I knew I was onto something, so I filed the necessary paperwork to apply for 501(c)3 tax exempt status on July 15, 2011 and the approval came through in January of this year.

    Anyone can start a fundraising effort! Let it be known, though, that the paperwork costs $800 to file. It's pretty tough but I managed to do it all myself and got approved!

    How long has the CorgiPals shop been a part of the site?

    P: The CorgiPals Etsy shop opening on November 3, 2011 and the CafePress shop opened on April 9, 2011. The CafePress shop has designs that people have created for me, but the Etsy shop items are all handmade by me!

    What are the best ways you've found to raise money and awareness?

    P: Social media is a HUGE part of how we operate. Since our fundraisers are all done online, the only way to let people know we exist is to post on as many sites as possible. From there word of mouth takes over and our community continues to grow.

    What has been your greatest achievement with CorgiPals so far?

    P: My greatest achievement with CorgiPals so far? CorgiPals itself. I can't pick just one thing that makes me proud, or makes me smile when I think about it. The fact that CorgiPals exists and has been a success so far is incredible

    What are your hopes and goals for CorgiPals' future?

    P: I just want CorgiPals to grow and continue to be successful. I don't have any huge plans beyond that at this point.

    If someone is interested in helping the featured Corgis but cannot afford to donate money, in what other ways can they help the cause?

    P: The biggest way to help without spending a penny is to share our page and spread the word! People won't know CorgiPals exists unless they hear about it from someone, so getting the word out is the biggest and best way to help... and it's free!

    What must be done to get a Corgi featured on the site?

    P: In order to have your Corgi featured on our website and apply for aid, you must submit the appropriate paperwork as outlined in our Eligibility Guidelines.

    One of the testimonials on CorgiPals mentions that it would be hard to find this kind of devotion for other breeds of dog. What is it about Corgis that makes them so special?

    P: Personality. I can safely say that I have NEVER seen another breed as a whole that has more personality than Corgis do. They're sassy, they're bossy, they're fun, they're loyal, they have distinct likes and dislikes, they have their own "isms" and habits... it's amazing to me.

    In conjunction with The Daily Corgi, CorgiPals has recently launched Campaign Corgi On. Order your very own custom Corgi sweatshirt or blanket, stay warm all winter long, and help a few needy pets in the process. A heartwarming triple win!

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