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    You’ve Waited Long Enough To Redo Your Kitchen: These 31 Walmart Products Are Here To Help

    Hello, kitchen makeover.

    1. A two-slice touchscreen toaster from the Drew Barrymore collection, because who knew a toaster could be this gorgeous?! It has seven settings and a touch-activated display, looks so sleek and stylish, and is a total steal for under $30 right now.

    Gray toaster with waffles in it next to a pint of ice-cream and a bowl of sprinkles

    2. A 16-piece dinnerware set to replace all those chipped dishes that have definitely seen better days. This set for four has such an artisanal look for a price you won't believe. Get your cookbooks out, you'll be doing a lot more cooking now that you have dishes this pretty.

    White and ceramic dinnerware set on a kitchen counter

    3. And to match your new dishes, a stoneware utensil holder so you never have to rummage through a messy drawer just to find a spatula again. Keep all your utensils easily accessible in this handy little holder that'll look great on your countertop.

    Utensil holder with wooden spoons in it

    4. A 12-piece bakeware set that includes everything you'll ever need to bake cakes, cookies, muffins, banana bread, and every other dessert you could possibly think of. All the pieces are nonstick, easy to clean, and will make you feel like you have what it takes (at least all the bakeware it takes) to open up a bakery.

    5. A set of three glass storage canisters from the Pioneer Woman collection so you can store all the amazing treats you'll be baking with the above bakeware set! Is there anything in the world that brings more joy than a cookie jar full of perfectly chewy cookies?! Get this set and you're basically buying edible joy.

    6. A 24-piece set of glass spice bottles with labels for anyone who's been dreaming of a perfectly organized spice drawer. Yep, identical bottles, cute matching labels... it's what all your organizing dreams are made of.

    Drawer filled with labeled spice bottles

    7. A round dining table if you're tired of having dinner on the couch every night. This stylish mid-century style table is perfect for a small eat-in kitchen or an apartment with a non-existent dining room since it doesn't take up much room, both visually and physically.

    White dining table with wood legs and four matching chairs

    8. A cushioned kitchen mat to make standing by the stove stirring risotto for an hour a little more comfortable, at least for your feet. This mat is neutral so it'll fit with whatever style your kitchen is and it's wipeable, so there's no need to worry about all those tomato sauce spills.

    Black mat by kitchen cabinets

    9. A motion-sensor stainless-steel trash can that has over 6,500 5-star reviews... that's a lot of people that are very passionate about a trash can because it's just. that. good. The motion sensor means not having to touch a lid with chicken juice-covered hands, it's large enough so you don't have to empty it every other day, and it's super affordable.

    Trash can in a kitchen with white cabinets

    10. A five-piece pantry organizer set from The Home Edit so you can finally organize your pantry after talking about it for, oh, the last three months. The set includes two large bins, two large insert bins, and one three-tier riser and is exactly what you need to de-clutter and organize your space like The Home Edit pros do.

    Clear bins and riser used in a pantry to hold various snacks and cans

    11. A wire dish drying rack so pretty it'll make doing the dishes at least a tad more enjoyable. It's not so bulky that it'll take up half your countertop, but still large enough to hold plenty of plates, bowls, and those bajillion coffee mugs you seem to use throughout the day.

    Dish drying rack filled with white dishes and silverware

    12. A four-piece stoneware mug set with a sweet floral pattern to sip your morning caffeine from. You can never have enough mugs (says every mug collector) and this set is the perfect addition to your mug tree or kitchen shelves. Reviewers love these for how big they are, too — perfect for a cup of soup on a rainy day or an extra-large coffee on an extra busy day.

    Four floral patterned mugs on a kitchen counter

    13. A round jute placemat to dress up your dining table whether you're eating a big Sunday roast or just your favorite greasy takeout. The beautiful design will elevate every table setting and keep your dining table from getting destroyed which is always a plus.

    Gold placemat under green napkins and mug

    14. A 10-quart air fryer that'll be the only appliance you ever use. It's no wonder it's so popular, this baby air fries, toasts, bakes, broils, and makes homemade pizza. Time to chef it up!

    Air fryer with lemon topped salmon inside it

    15. A 6-quart enamel Dutch oven so you can finally make a Beef Bourguignon as good as Julia Child's. Dutch ovens are usually quite an investment and cost several hundred dollars, but this Drew Barrymore one comes highly rated and is super affordable. Score!

    16. A 12-cup and single-serve coffee maker if you're determined to make more coffee at home and spend less money at the coffee shop. This customer-favorite is perfect for WFH days when you need those 12 cups, as well as the busy mornings when you're running out the door and just need a to-go cup.

    Coffee maker with pot full of coffee and travel mug next to it

    17. A light gray shelf and drawer liner to convert your drawers from scary-disaster-zone to neat and organized. And yes, you *do* own three spatulas and four whisks, you could just never find them before.

    Gray liner in drawer with wooden spoons

    18. A 15-piece knife block set that will make your space look like a chef's kitchen and you feel like a professional chef. All the knives are stain and rust-resistant and super easy to use and clean. Love watching chefs do their thing and chop onion super fast on cooking shows? Get this set and that can be you!

    Red knives and block on a kitchen counter next to various foods and ingredients

    19. A super sleek electric kettle because it's time to get rid of that prehistoric whistling one you're still using. This one comes highly rated, is cordless, and has six preset temperatures so you know you'll always get the perfect cup of tea.

    20. A peel-and-stick backsplash that will give your kitchen an instant update without you having to Google "how to grout tile." Just peel the self-adhesive sheets, stick them on the wall and tell everyone you installed your own kitchen backsplash. Easiest DIY ever!

    Gray, black and white backsplash shown above a kitchen cabinet

    21. A pack of peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles if you hate your kitchen linoleum floor but aren't about to deal with tile and grout and that whole mess. These peel and stick tiles are easy to apply, look great, are super durable, and will completely transform your kitchen without you having to dish out a lot of money.

    22. A set of two adjustable barstools to add a touch of industrial design and additional seating. You'll love the metal and wood combo and your friends will love that they finally have a comfortable spot to have a drink and hang out with you.

    Metal and wood barstools by a kitchen island

    23. A rolling three-shelf cart that's perfect for anyone with a tiny kitchen and non-existent storage. Fill it with pantry items or extra dishes and move it around as needed. It comes in six cute colors, so whether you want to stick to neutrals or add a fun splash of color, there's plenty to choose from.

    White cart with stand mixer on top and various canisters and kitchen items on shelves

    24. A five-piece blue and white kitchen set so you never burn your hand grabbing a hot pan with a thin towel again. This cute and affordable set has everything you need to dry dishes, wipe countertops and handle hot pots and pans, so you're all covered.

    Blue and white floral kitchen set hanging on a white subway tile wall

    25. A set of four glass tumblers because your glassware deserves an upgrade, too. Serve your drinks in style with this elegant set that'll allow you to finally own more than three glasses.

    Four pink glass tumblers

    26. A fruit bowl with a banana tree to give your weekly farmer's market haul a new home. This gold wire basket is so pretty, it'll make you want to buy more fruit, and therefore ~eat~ more fruit. That's good logic, right?!

    Fruit bowl with apples and bananas hanging on the banana tree

    27. A set of two cereal storage containers if you're tired of eating stale cereal every day. Whether you're a bran-flakes-everyday kind of person or a Froot-Loops-for-life one, these containers will keep your cereal fresh and crunchy, just as it should be.

    Storage containers filled with cereal

    28. A four-piece stainless-steel kitchen utensil set so you can flip your pancakes, stir your soup, toss your pasta, and serve your veggies with utensils that were actually designed for those things. Get all your essentials in one set, all for a super affordable price.

    Four stainless steel kitchen utensils on a wood cutting board

    29. A hanging rubber sink caddy that'll hold your sponges *and* keep your sink area clean. It comes in three different colors and has holes for drainage so you never have to worry about nasty mildew forming on the bottom, potentially harming you with nasty bacteria.

    Pink sink caddy filled with sponges

    30. A rustic wood cutting board to make all your charcuterie dreams come true. Use it to create impressive cheeseboards or for everyday veg chopping, then prop it up against the backsplash for a stunning decor accent. Form and function — that's what we like.

    Wood cutting board with lemons on it

    31. A three-tier can dispenser so you can finally stop buying chickpeas every week because you can actually see what's in your pantry. Keep everything visible, easily accessible, and neatly organized with this inexpensive can dispenser that is a total game-changer.

    White can dispenser in a kitchen cabinet filled with cans

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