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    These 29 Things Will Help Keep All Your Stuff Organized While Traveling

    Including foldable travel hangers, a compact jewelry case, a backseat organizer, and even a watch to actually keep you on time.

    1. A compact jewelry travel case to organize your favorite dainty necklaces and ear party collection. Pack your jewelry neatly and safely in this little travel case and you won't have to deal with a giant tangled mess of necklaces when all you're trying to do is get ready for dinner.

    Reviewer image of jewelry case filled with rings, necklaces and a watch

    2. A leather cable and charger organizer that will keep your suitcase from becoming a jumbled ball of phone chargers, earphones, and laptop cables. You can get the leather case personalized which also makes it a great gift idea for that adventurous world traveler in your life.

    Leather organizer filled with cables and chargers

    3. A five-piece refillable perfume bottle set so you don't have to lug a giant bottle of perfume around and so you can easily bring more than one scent with you. The set includes five different colored bottles so it's easy to stay organized, plus they're small enough so you can easily slip them in your bag and save a ton of space.

    Reviewer holding refillable perfume bottles

    4. A set of two faux leather luggage tags with an overall 4.7-star rating from more than 7,000 shoppers who say they hold up well and the bright colors make your suitcase easy to spot, even if your jet-lagged eyes can barely stay open long enough to watch the baggage carousel.

    Purple luggage tags on two suitcases

    5. A leakproof travel trash can that'll make road trips so much easier and prevent a ton of arguments in the car. Keep your car neat and organized with this trash can that can hold way more than it may seem and that conveniently fits between the seats without taking up any legroom.

    Reviewer image of travel trash can in their car

    6. A digital luggage scale so you don't get to the airport, put your suitcase on the scale and somehow have to reorganize and remove 12 pounds worth of stuff. This little scale is super convenient, accurate, and small enough to pack in your bag so you can use it on your way back to check how much all those totally necessary souvenirs weigh.

    7. A set of two backseat organizers to make the snack and cleaning situation on long road trips so much simpler and keep your back seats a lot less cluttered. The organizers have multiple mesh, clear, and solid pockets to hold everything from drinks and snacks to tablets, phones, toys, and all those hand-sanitizing wipes from your 2020 stockpile.

    Reviewer image of backseat organizer filled with drinks, disposable gloves and other items

    8. A puffy glasses sleeve if you're on your fifth pair of sunglasses this year because you're guilty of throwing them in your purse with no case to protect them. This cute sleeve made from recycled materials will cushion them and make it so much easier to find them.

    9. A Conair fabric steamer so you can get organized as soon as you arrive at your destination. Get those pesky wrinkles out of your clothes within minutes with this handy portable steamer that heats up in seconds and has five different settings, so you can literally use it on everything from a thin shirt to a heavy sweater.

    10. A watercolor hard-side carry-on with spinner wheels that not only looks cute but has a highly functional interior to help you stay organized while you travel. It has a removable wet pocket, an integrated wet pocket, and shoe pockets, as well as a large compression pad to keep all your stuff in place.

    11. A sleek passport holder to keep your travel documents organized so you don't have to dig through your bag and sweat profusely when the customs agent asks for your ID. There's a slot for your passport as well as a clear pocket for a vaccination card and other travel essentials.

    12. A double travel cup holder that attaches to your suitcase and helps you stay organized while you run through the crowded airport terminal to catch your flight. It has an adjustable buckle strap that secures it in place so you don't have to worry about that precious gingerbread latte falling out while you dodge all the other travelers.

    13. A four-pack of shoe travel bags so your heels don't fly all around your suitcase and poke holes in your favorite sweater. These cute bags are waterproof and feature a zippered closure to keep your heels, sneakers, and flip-flops compactly and safely stored while you're on the road.

    Reviewer image of sneakers in shoe bag

    14. A travel wallet to hold your passport, boarding pass, and cash all in one place. Don't stress out because you're holding up the entire line in customs just because you can't find your passport again — keep everything neat and organized in this beautiful wallet instead.

    15. A lightweight travel kit that'll help you stay organized and keep your toiletries from leaking all over the place. It has elastic loops that keep containers right side up and a wide opening so you can quickly find whatever you're looking for.

    Open brown travel kit

    16. A six-piece TSA-friendly travel-size bottle set if you've lost one too many expensive shampoo bottles during airport security. The bottles come with a clear little sealed pouch to organize them in, which every frequent flyer will appreciate.

    Six bottles in a clear pouch

    17. A travel duffel bag so you can weekend away in style. The bag comes in 21 pretty colors and makes staying organized super simple — it has four interior pockets and a sleeve on the back that attaches to your suitcase. It's also a serious bargain for just $23 right now.

    Reviewer image of pink duffel bag on top of a pink carry on suitcase

    18. A universal power adapter because there's nothing worse than getting to your hotel room and realizing there's no way that plug is gonna fit in that outlet. Get this $16 adapter now instead of having to scramble and overpay for one at the airport.

    19. A set of eight packing cubes that will make you feel like you seriously have your life, or at least your luggage, together. The packing cubes will help you keep items separate and protect delicate fabrics from getting damaged, plus unpacking will be such a breeze.

    20. A mini first aid travel pouch beyond adorable and made to fit all the essentials. The small but mighty pouch has a mesh compartment and pocket, and an interior that can hold and organize every adhesive, ointment, and medicine you could ever need.

    21. A set of foldable travel hangers so you can hang up all your new vacation dresses as soon as you arrive at the hotel. They're lightweight and don't take up a ton of space, but are incredibly durable and such a useful organizational travel hack.

    22. A set of three TSA-approved toiletry bags to hold your entire skincare collection, because why wouldn't you take it all with you even though it's just a weekend trip? Not only are these sturdy and super practical, they'll make going through security a total breeze.

    23. A hanging travel case that will hold every hand cream, shampoo, and eyeshadow palette you can't live without, even though you're only away one night. It's super roomy and the variety of clear and mesh compartments allows you to organize toiletries and makeup so easily.

    24. A 12-pack of vacuum storage bags for anyone who doesn't subscribe to the "pack light" motto. Double how much you can fit in your suitcase and keep it all separated and organized in these handy bags that'll make zipping up your suitcase so much less of a struggle.

    Reviewer image of clothes in a vacuum sealed bag

    25. A seven-piece mesh laundry bag set to keep your clean and dirty clothes separate while you travel. The bags also double as wash bags for delicates when you're at home, so they're an all-around useful product to own.

    Reviewer image of mesh bags filled with laundry items

    26. A leakproof insulated travel lunch bag so you can pack your own food and don't have to eat a questionable gas station hot dog while you're on the road. The bag keeps items warm or cold depending on what you pack and has a waterproof lining for easy cleaning.

    Reviewer image of lunch bag filled with food and drinks

    27. A gold-tone crystal-accented watch you can use to keep an eye on the time when you're running through the airport and can't rummage through your bag to get your phone. It's also super stylish and looks way more expensive than its incredible budget price tag.

    Reviewer wearing gold watch

    28. A portable charger to make sure your phone never runs out of battery, because that's the true meaning of disorganization. The charger is literally the perfect travel size and has over 13,000 rave reviews from shoppers who all gave it 5 stars.

    29. And last but not least, a detailed packing list so you never forget to bring your socks or toothpaste again. This list literally includes everything you could ever need and more and even has a local weather tab. Every organizer's dream.

    image of the packing list

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