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    31 Things From Wayfair That Are Actually Very Smart Purchases For Your Home

    Live smarter, not harder.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cone-shaped mug tree that every mug collector (ahem, hoarder) needs in their kitchen. If you subscribe to the "you can never have enough mugs" motto but your cabinets are bursting at the seams, this metal tree is a stylish solution.

    2. A set of four glass canisters to hold your pantry staples so you can get rid of all those half empty pasta boxes taking up precious pantry space. They're sleek enough to display on your counters, and the clear glass allows you to see exactly how much of an ingredient is left so you don't keep buying a bag of sugar every time you go to the store.

    3. A set of eight solar-powered pathway lights for the coolest star-shaped lighting. These won't just illuminate a dark path or the front of your home, they'll also add a fun and unexpected decorative touch that'll make your guests gasp with excitement every time.

    Reviewer image of pathway lights lit up at night

    4. A 12-pair shoe rack so you can get rid of those shoe piles all over your entryway. Stop tripping over your sneakers, heels, and flip-flops, and instead neatly organize them inside this solid bamboo rack.

    5. A roll of marble contact paper if you want marble countertops but don't exactly want to dish out thousands of dollars. Use it in your kitchen, on a bathroom vanity, or nightstand top — the possibilities are endless, so don't be surprised if your entire home is marble-covered the second the roll arrives.

    6. A set of four fabric storage bags so you can make room in that jam-packed closet of yours. Use the bags to store out of season clothing, bulky blankets, extra pillows, and anything else that's cluttering your home. The bags have a double zipper and handles for easy carrying, as well as a clear front panel so you can see exactly what's inside them.

    a model stacking the fabric storage containers in a closet

    7. An adjustable drawer organizer to take care of the mess that is your utensil drawer. Get this bamboo organizer and you'll never have to spend 10 minutes searching for a fork (only to settle for a spoon) ever again.

    Bamboo organizer inside a drawer

    8. A set of three floating shelves that'll add a cute decorative touch to your wall and provide additional storage space at the same time. Has your (extensive) skincare product collection taken over your bathroom vanity and then some? Get these shelves and you'll have space for your toothbrush again.

    9. An adjustable bath caddy so you can relax in the tub with your favorite book and that well-deserved glass of red. The caddy is expandable so it fits over most standard sized tubs and has a built-in book and wine holder so you're all set.

    10. A wall-mounted mail and key holder to give you a spot to hang your keys and put all those birthday cards that need to be mailed out. If you're the person who ends up sending the card a month after the occasion, get this organizer and shock your fam with on-time birthday wishes.

    Wire organizer filled with mail and keys hanging on the wall

    11. A stainless steel trash can that has a motion sensor so you don't need to worry about opening it with chicken juice-covered hands. It's super sleek and definitely beats the brown paper bag that you may or may not have been using until now.

    Stainless steel trash can next to white kitchen cabinets

    12. A set of four bath towels so you finally have a matching set of towels. These are super plush and highly absorbent and come in 15 different colors so you can pick a set that matches your bathroom decor.

    13. A desk cable organizer for anyone whose desk seems to be permanently covered with a million cables coming in from every possible direction. This wire organizer attaches to the back of your desk and provides plenty of room to hold an extension cord and a bunch of wires and cables.

    Wire organizer holding cables on the back of a desk

    14. An electric kettle that's cold to the touch and brews water super fast, all without that high-pitch whistling noise an old school kettle makes. It'll also look great sitting on your countertop and be the most chic appliance you'll ever buy.

    Black electric kettle

    15. A blackout curtain panel so you can finally sleep past 5 a.m. and not be awoken by the sun's early rays. It also regulates temperature and keeps out the heat in the summer and the cold draft in the winter. Choose from 6 sizes and 16 colors to add an elegant, decorative touch to your bedroom and get your beauty sleep at the same time.

    Pink curtain panels on a window

    16. A Roomba robot vacuum cleaner that'll clean your house for you while you nap or catch up on your favorite show. You can program the robot to clean every room or just a couple in your home — all from the comfort of your couch through a handy app on your phone.

    Roomba vacuum cleaning the floor

    17. A Ring video doorbell so you can feel safe and always see who's at your door (or freak your friends out by talking to them through the microphone). The doorbell has two-way communication and sends notifications to your phone so you can have peace of mind knowing what's happening, whether you're at home or away.

    Doorbell next to a gray door

    18. An Instant Pot pressure cooker to make dinnertime so much easier. This baby does everything from cooking, steaming, and air frying to baking, roasting, and dehydrating, which makes it an amazing investment. The takeout place is going to miss you, because cooking at home just got so much easier.

    19. A faucet water filter so you don't have to wonder whether the funky smelling city water is poisoning you one glass at a time. Instead of constantly refilling a pitcher filter, you can easily attach this to your faucet within minutes and choose from three different water flows — filtered water, spray, or stream.

    Filter attached on faucet

    20. A wall-mounted mop and broom holder if you have that one scary closet you throw all your brooms in and just hope for the best. It's time to clean that out. This organizer is a great way to use wall space, have a designated spot for all your cleaning tools, and keep your floor clean and clutter-free.

    21. A full-length over-the-door mirror if you're out of wall space but need a spot to check your outfit before you take that OOTD pic. One reviewer said it's a "sturdy mirror, no flexing or bending," and it comes in two sizes and six colors to match your bedroom style and decor.

    22. An outdoor electric bug zapper so you can enjoy summer nights out in the backyard without getting eaten alive by those pesky mosquitoes. It has a UV light tube that zaps the bugs and a removable tray (gross, but necessary) so you can easily dispose of them. Let the bug bite-free summer commence!

    23. A peel-and-stick wallpaper that makes such a statement but is so easy to install, no contractor needed. If you've been dreaming of wallpapering your home but live in a rental, this is the way to go. It comes in rolls that you simply peel and stick on the wall, then easily remove them when it's time for the landlord to give you your security deposit back.

    24. A rolling kitchen cart with a solid wood top if you need a little extra storage and prep space but there's zero room for an island. Get this rolling cart that has two spacious shelves for extra dishes, cookbooks, and produce and a beautiful wood top for chopping, stirring, and mixing.

    25. A four-tiered rolling utility cart to hold office supplies if you're still living that WFH life, or extra bathroom items if you're vanity cabinet is overflowing with all the hair products you just had to try out.

    26. A pull-down kitchen faucet that'll instantly update your sink space and almost (*almost* being the operative word) make you want to do the dishes by hand. Get it in the brass finish for a sophisticated look or go with the matte black if you have more of a modern style going on in your kitchen.

    27. A rolling laundry basket with three compartments to make laundry day so much easier. Separate your lights, darks, and delicates instead of having to sort through a giant pile of clothes before every wash. Then fold them on the handy lid that tops the hamper.

    28. A hanging shoe organizer to maximize space in that teeny-tiny area that's apparently a closet. It's made from a thick canvas material, has 10 spacious pockets for your shoes and metal hooks to hang it on a rod. It's also super breathable, so you don't need to worry about any bad odors destroying your favorite wedges.

    29. An electric lighter that's pretty much the most beautiful lighter ever. If you're sick and tired of those old gas lighters that take forever to light up, get this cool electric one that comes in four cute colors and is weatherproof so it won't keep blowing out if you're using it outside.

    the lighter being shown lighting a candle, stove, campfire and birthday candle

    30. A two-tier lazy Susan organizer for your fridge or cabinet so you don't have to rummage through seven bottles of salad dressing just to get to the ketchup. The adjustable turntable rotates easily and fits a ton of bottles, spices, or cans, and gives your cupboards such a neat and organized look.

    Organizer filled with various food items

    31. An over-the-door organizer to hold everything from cleaning supplies in the kitchen to extra toiletries in the bathroom. If you don't have a ton of shelf space, this is a total game-changer so you may want to grab one for every cabinet, vanity, and closet in your home.

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