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    18 Things From Chewy That’ll Help You Take Better Care Of Your Fish

    An LED aquarium starter kit, fluorescent gravel and other awesome products that will help your finned friends live their best lives.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 10-gallon LED aquarium starter kit that includes a tank, filter, heater, thermometer and premium fish food among other things. Set this up and your finned friends' home is move-in ready.

    10 gallon tank with rocks and accessories inside

    2. An eight-piece set of faux plants to add a bright pop of color to your aquarium. These blue, green and purple plants are nontoxic and nonmetallic, and are a great alternative to real plants — no need to worry whether these have been pruned or not.

    Set of aquarium plants

    3. A 20-pound bag of pure water pebbles that will make your fish feel like they are swimming in a rift lake out in the wild. This 100% natural substrate not only simulates their natural habitat, but also aids the filtering process and helps eliminate harmful elements from the aquarium.

    4. An internal UV system to keep your tank's water super clear and cloudless so your fish can actually see where they're swimming. This water cleaning system removes any green murkiness and is super easy to install — no tools necessary!

    5. An aquarium maintenance system that will make cleaning and filling your fish tank *so* much easier. No more half-soaked shirts and giant spills on the floor thanks to this handy tool that attaches to your faucet and makes changing water out a breeze!

    Image of maintenance system

    6. A jar of Tetra color tropical flakes to keep your fish as bright and colorful as they would be in the wild. As one reviewer said, "This fish food has really brought out the colors in our fish." These flakes contain vitamin C, will boost immunity and won't cloud the water, making them a great daily supplement.

    7. An LED light for your freshwater aquarium that allows you to create real-world effects such as lightning storms or dusk lighting. Too bright out? No problem — simply use the dimming feature to create cloud cover. Now if only it were this easy to control *actual* weather.

    Light attached to an aquarium

    8. An aquarium heater – it automatically keeps a comfortable temperature so your fish never overheat or freeze to death. The built-in electronic thermostat helps maintain a temperature of 75 degrees, and as one reviewer said, "My fish are now more active because they’re warm."

    Heater shown in an aquarium

    9. A bottle of pH aquarium treatment that safely lowers the pH in freshwater aquariums and reduces chances of stress and illness in fish. It's both phosphate and nitrate-free, doesn't cause cloudiness and ensures the tank water is always in tip-top shape.

    10. A 5-pound bag of fluorescent aquarium gravel to make your aquarium look like your fish are having a rave and forgot to send you an invite. This gravel glows under blue lights and looks super cool at night, especially if you use it in combination with regular gravel and make funky patterns with it.

    11. An all-in-one bacterial and fungus treatment that comes in tablet form and treats a broad spectrum of diseases. All you need to do is drop a pre-measured tablet into the aquarium and this powerful oxidizer will treat everything from fungus and mouth rot to every other nasty disease you don't want your fish catching.

    Tablet packaging

    12. A poly-fiber filter cartridge – it mechanically filters water and traps any gross debris to give your fish a clean home. The cartridge is made with a ribbed backing for maximum efficiency and lasts for up to a month. Just replace it by sliding a new one into place.

    13. Or a jar of activated carbon that will keep your tank water sparkling clean for over a month. These little coal-based granules eliminate discoloration, odors and impurities, making the tank squeaky clean so your fish can keep on swimming.

    14. A neon yellow aquarium ornament – it gives off a bright glow under a blacklight and naturally sways with the water. Besides being a super cool accessory that basically turns your tank into a nightclub, this ornament provides a safe hiding place for smaller fish and puts them at ease.

    a reviewer photo of their betta fish next to the glowing plant under a blacklight

    15. A globe-shaped LED aquarium that comes with everything you need to get your swimming sidekicks all settled. The illuminated fish bowl can be used with freshwater or saltwater and is crafted with a five-stage filtration system that ensures the water is always clean so your fish can live their best lives.

    16. A polyresin cave aquarium ornament to take your fish's hide and seek games to the next level. The rocky landscape is painted gray with mossy green highlights to give it a natural look that your fish will love hiding and swimming in.

    a reviewer photo of the cave with a black betta fish swimming in front

    17. A bottle of Algaefix that works like magic to take care of algae in ornamental ponds. No more scummy green murkiness that has you convinced the Loch Ness monster is hiding underneath, ready to get you.

    18. A reliable air pump to keep your aquarium's oxygen levels high and your fish healthy and happy. This little contraption's unique dome shape, rubber feet and sound-dampening chambers make it efficient and very quiet, so that your fish don't feel like they're living in a loud construction zone.

    Blue dome pump

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