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    31 Of The Best Home Products From Walmart That Cost Less Than $100

    "Yes, we know you got that amazing piece of decor for less than $100 — because you *will not* stop telling us" — your friends, after you read this article.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A retro antique brass table lamp by Drew Barrymore Flower Home that looks like you searched countless flea markets and antique shops to find it. Brighten your home and illuminate your space with this dome-shaped gem.

    the brass lamp

    2. A mid-century inspired faux leather counter stool to give your friends a comfy, stylish spot to sit while you have a drink, eat delicious takeout and/ or chat about your latest Netflix obsessions.

    Counter stool in color "Camel".

    3. An industrial chic caged pendant light that will make a statement in whatever room you place it in! The unique design and mix of materials will have everyone asking where you scored this cool find.

    Close-up of pendant drum shade.

    4. A sleek contemporary black nightstand with a single drawer to stash away your sleep mask, nighttime skincare favorites and those emergency midnight snacks. This little piece provides functional storage as well as a modern design element for your bedroom.

    Nightstand in a bedroom, shown in color "Black".

    5. A rustic-inspired 6-cube organizer so versatile, you can use it for stylishly organizing your growing crystals collection in the living room, or practical shoe storage in the entryway.

    6. An elegant round glass and gold-toned metal coffee table to display your favorite coffee table books and magazines. And to give you a place to put your feet up when it's been one of *those* days.

    Coffee table in the gold finish, shown in a living room.

    7. A foldable bamboo breakfast tray so you can start every morning with a cappuccino and pastries in bed. At least in theory. It also works as a lap desk, for folks who have turned "work from home" into "work from bed."

    Tray set up on a bed, filled with breakfast foods.

    8. A woven tasseled basket, because can you ever resist anything with tassels?! That's a no for us. This cute basket is a great way to beautify your storage, or liven up an empty corner.

    Basket shown holding pillows and a blanket.

    9. A set of two faux fur throw pillows to add texture and color to your sofa. Bonus points for these pillows: the covers are machine washable, so no worries if your dog drools all over them or they get hit with some spilled coffee — just throw them in the wash!

    10. A boho macrame wall hanging that looks like a find from a local art fair or cool boutique. This intricately hand-woven piece blends natural and ivory toned materials — perfect for adding warmth and visual interest to that one blank wall you have no idea what to do with.

    Macrame wall hanging on a wall above living room furniture.

    11. A 20-piece rainbow mirrored flatware set because who knew flatware could be *this* fun?! The mesmerizing rainbow mirror look will make even reheated third-day leftovers taste exciting.

    Flatware displayed next to white plates.

    12. A walnut turntable stand with a wood finish and metal hairpin legs that will add a funky retro vibe to your space. The stand is the perfect size to hold your record player and store your prized vintage vinyl.

    Turntable stand in color "Walnut".

    13. A bamboo cheese board and knife set for those fancy parties you always see yourself throwing. Now you can! (Or you can just feel very fancy when you make a cheese plate to eat by yourself while you watch Love Island).

    Bamboo tray and knife set shown with food and a wine glass next to it.

    14. A pair of plug-in wall sconces that require no custom electrical wiring, so there's no need to worry about finding an electrician before you update your home's look. Simply decide where you want them, screw them into the wall, plug them in and viola! Let there be ~light~!

    Wall sconces shown in a bedroom.

    15. A classic Parsons desk for an unbeatable price. Ditch hunching over the coffee table from the couch for life with a *real* desk, and see the difference in your day. The couch will still be there when your workday is over!

    16. A sleek and chic-looking oil aroma diffuser because no one wants to smell whatever that is that is coming from the neighbor's apartment (it smells like burning...but also like peanut butter??). Instead, purify the air in your home and create a soothing vibe with this super quiet diffuser that lights up in an array of colors and automatically turns off when it's done.

    Diffuser with mist shown.

    17. A set of four mid-century-inspired Eiffel dining chairs, all for under $100?! Yes, please! Place these contemporary, easy-to-clean chairs around your dining table, and every dinner will feel like you're eating at a cool downtown restaurant.

    Dining chairs set up around a round dining table.

    18. A sweet vintage style three tiered stand to serve all the sweet treats you're *so* inspired to make after last week's episode of The Great British Bake Off. Get ready, Paul Hollywood, these will *definitely* be star baker-worthy!

    the cake stand

    19. An upholstered tufted headboard with built-in USB ports so you never again have to get out of bed because your phone is at 1%. This beautiful headboard comes in two colors, looks super chic AND is basically a phone charger. NEED!

    Headboard shown in color "Charcoal".

    20. A set of four Pioneer Woman embossed tumblers that will make you instantly crave an ice-cold lemonade — whether it's summer or you're living through a polar vortex. Yup, they're that cute!

    21. A hypoallergenic memory foam pillow because it's seriously time to invest in your sleep. If you're tired of waking up with a sore neck and a cranky mood, try this pillow, which also has a removable and washable cover that makes it super easy to keep clean.

    Pillow, filling and packaging shown.

    22. A pair of black geometric candle holders that will make you feel like an entertaining pro every time you create a centerpiece with them. So basically, don't be surprised if you find yourself volunteering to host Thanksgiving this year.

    Four of the candle holders used as part of a table centerpiece.

    23. A comfy yarn dyed floor pillow, so you never again have to sentence your friends to sitting on a cold, hardwood floor for hours on end during movie night. These floor pillows are ridiculously comfortable and come in understated-yet-adorable patterns that will easily blend in with most home decor.

    Stack of four floor pillows in different patterns.

    24. A set of wire baskets with chalkboard labels to keep your laundry room, pantry or closet organized and clutter-free. The cute labels will help you make sure that you always know exactly where to find everything.

    25. A set of two 100% cotton towels with a pin stitch design, because you deserve to have a bathroom that feels a little bit more like a spa.

    26. A super soft four-piece 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set that will make you feel like you're sleeping on an actual cloud every time you lay your head down.

    Sheets in color "White".

    27. An Art Deco-inspired two-tier hammered bronze bar cart to elevate your at-home happy hours. Store your barware, glasses, bottles and all other essentials on this handy little rolling cart that's a great design accent as well as a great storage spot. Specially designed wine holders on the bottom shelf makes sure your vino never tips over in transit.

    Bar cart filled with bottles, accessories and glasses.

    28. A freestanding hammock that you can set up *literally* anywhere, so you can feel like you're away on vacation (even though you're *technically* still just working from home).

    Image of hammock set up.

    29. A roll of Drew Barrymore Flower Home peachy floral print peel and stick wallpaper to instantly upgrade your boring old powder room. This lovely wallpaper couldn't be easier to "install," and will add major WOW factor to your space.

    Wallpaper shown in a powder room.

    30. A Moroccan-inspired tassel shag area rug that feels like a hug for your feet. And the fun pattern, colors and texture (oh, and tassels!) make this the perfect rug for a room that needs a little warmth or could use a pop of color.

    Rug in color "Blue" layered over a jute rug.

    31. A multi-tiered bamboo shoe rack to house your Manolos, Margauxs...or Keds. Keep your entryway free of shoe piles and your shoes safely stored and organized with this collapsible rack.

    Shoe rack filled with pairs of shoes.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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