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    27 Things From Amazon With Such Great Reviews, You May Want To Own Them Yourself

    The reviews don't lie.

    1. A flowy tie-waist mini dress because spring is here and what better way to celebrate than with a cute new dress to replace all the turtlenecks you've been wearing on repeat since October. Grab a cute clutch, some comfy wedges and a little denim jacket and you're spring-ready.

    2. A car trunk organizer so you're not afraid to open your trunk for fear of all that's going to fall on you. Again. This handy organizer keeps everything neatly in place, including itself because of its clever Velcro-lined bottom.

    Reviewer image of two organizers in the trunk of their car

    3. A set of five stainless-steel bowls with multi-purpose lids that are pretty much the most useful thing you can buy for your kitchen. Each bowl has a nonslip base and the largest has a lid that comes with three grating attachments so you can shred cheese directly into the bowl instead of making a giant mess.

    4. A pair of vintage-style sunglasses because new season, new sunnies. They have an overall 4.5-star rating from more than 29,000 shoppers who say they're super lightweight, great quality and get them compliments every time they wear them. They're also under $15, which is pretty much the deal of the year right there.

    5. A pair of Levi's wedgie jeans that are as cute as they're comfy. Pair them with your favorite white sneakers and an oversized sweatshirt for a '90s look you'll be sporting on repeat.

    6. A pillow-top mattress pad if a new mattress isn't in the budget right now, but your back begs you for one every morning. Get this $40 pad and it's like you went mattress shopping — it'll instantly make your bed feel so much softer and more comfortable, for a tiny fraction of the cost.

    Reviewer image of mattress pad on their bed

    7. A 4.5-quart air fryer that tons of people are calling the best ever. It has eight preset settings that include chicken wings, fries and broccoli, so all the major food groups are covered. It's the perfect size for making a meal for two and if you still haven't jumped on the air fryer bandwagon, it's time, friend.

    8. A set of 36 pairs of earrings under $15 that includes pretty much every style of earring you'll ever need. Hoops for going out, pearls for the office and everything in between. Wear them individually or mix and match for a cute ear party — you do not want to miss out on this amazing deal.

    Reviewer image showing all the pairs of earrings

    9. An oversized pullover sweater with puff sleeves for a chic basic that looks so much more expensive. Reviewers say it's super soft and comfortable, so if you've noticed you wear the same hoodie day in and day out, replace it with this cute top without sacrificing any of the coziness.

    Reviewer wearing beige sweater and jeans

    10. A two-pack of under-the-bed shoe storage bags so you can stop tripping over shoe piles every time you walk in the door. Declutter your home and keep shoes neatly stowed away in these clear plastic-topped bags that'll save you a ton of room.

    Reviewer image of shoe storage bag filled with sneakers

    11. An elevated dog bed that'll keep your pooch cool and comfortable. It has over 47,000 5-star ratings (!!!) and if your furry best friend refuses to lay on their bed the second the temps warm up, they (and we really mean you) need this cooling bed.

    12. A 14-piece knife block set that looks as sharp as it slices. If your dull old knives just aren't ~cutting~ it anymore, upgrade to this Kenmore set that has every knife you'll ever need and adds a cute pop of color to your countertops to boot.

    Reviewer image of blue knife set

    13. A mini flap crossbody bag for a chic new accessory that looks like it was a major "treat yourself" moment. It's under $100 and comes in 16 gorgeous options, from a summery canvas design to a luxe-looking croc pattern.

    14. A lace-trim tank top that you can easily dress up with high-waisted pants and a blazer for a day at work or dress down with a pair of cutoff shorts when the weekend finally rolls around. It's the versatile top your closet's been missing.

    15. A gold three-hook key holder so you never have to spend an hour looking for your keys when you're already running late for work. It's sleek, minimalist, and the perfect size to fit by your front door. Bye-bye, stressful mornings.

    Reviewer image of gold key hooks on entryway wall next to the door

    16. A collapsible laundry basket that you can easily stash between your washer and dryer if you can't possibly store one. more. thing. Stash it away to save space, then just pop it open when you need it again.

    17. A pair of pull-on jeggings if you want to look like you're wearing pants but feel like you're in leggings. They're a comfier version of skinny jeans and thousands of shoppers say they're a great deal and fit juuuuust right, which is pretty much a unicorn of a combination when it comes to jeans.

    18. An oversized denim jacket for an instant wardrobe staple you'll find yourself reaching for all spring long. Layer it over a graphic tee, black jeans, and a pair of lace-up boots and you'll feel effortlessly cool, and more importantly, super comfortable.

    19. A cute spoon and lid rest that'll keep your utensils on hand and catch all those messy sauce and grease drips, so you don't have to spend all night scrubbing the countertops.

    Reviewer image of a pot lid and tons on the spoon rest

    20. A set of four faux leather dining chairs for a mid-century modern refresh on a budget. If your flimsy, mismatched Facebook Marketplace finds could use an upgrade, this set is incredibly well priced and (of course) well rated.

    Reviewer image of brown leather chairs around a glass dining table

    21. A set of four silicone spatulas that every kitchen needs. Use them to fold batter, stir sauce and yes, scoop out the last little bit of that ridiculously expensive organic cashew butter that cost you more than a year's supply of regular ole PB.

    Reviewer image of four orange spatulas

    22. A 3-in-1 wireless charging station so you can keep your devices charged without a million cables cluttering your nightstand. It's super light which makes it easy to throw in your bag for travel and has a blue light to notify you when everything is done charging.

    Reviewer image of devices charging in the charging station

    23. A portable steamer if ironing is just not your jam, but neither are wrinkled clothes. It heats up super fast and removes creases even faster, and if you're wondering whether you need it, let the 5-star reviews speak for themselves — all 61,000 of them.

    24. A cozy cardigan that's ultra-soft and the perfect layering basic. Wear it on its own and tuck it into jeans or pair it with a cute tank or crop top — you'll get so much wear out of it you may want to order it in more than one color.

    25. A faux wrap dress that someone called the best thing they have ever purchased. Tons of people say it gets them compliments every time they wear it, and if you love the idea of a wrap dress but not the idea of it accidentally unwrapping, this little faux wrap's got you covered — literally.

    26. An eight-hook wooden coat rack so you can actually see that vintage armchair you purchased instead of it being covered with a pile of coats. The slim design makes this a great choice for even the tiniest of entryways, and if yours is currently a cluttered mess, don't hesitate and order this now.

    Reviewer image of wooden coat rack next to a door

    27. A baker's rack to hold your microwave, coffee pot, extra dishes and anything else that your not-so-spacious kitchen has zero room for. It's sturdy and besides multiple shelves, it also features a beautiful wood top and a bunch of hooks to hang everything from pots to cute dish towels.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.