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34 Things Filipinos Ship Across The World In Balikbayan Boxes

"What's in the box?"

If you grew up with OFW family members, you're definitely familiar with the balikbayan box.

Or perhaps you have very carefully pushed your heavy AF cart through the lines for the check-in counter at the airport...

...and then prayed that your balikbayan box made it to your destination.

But as Isabelle reminded us in 18 Things You'll Recognize If You Grew Up With OFW Parents, the standard balikbayan box "contains almost the same damn thing every single time!"

1. Spam

2. Corned beef

3. Oatmeal

4. Instant coffee

5. Coffee creamer

6. Artificial sweeteners

7. Chocolate bars

8. Sugar-free candy

9. Sugar-free cookies

10. Sardines

11. Toothbrushes

12. Toothpaste

13. Denture cleaner

14. Bar soap

15. Vitamins

16. Dry pasta

17. Shoes

18. Happy Meal toys

19. Free T-shirts from work

20. Souvenir t-shirts

21. Bedsheets

22. Perfume and cologne

23. Packs of underwear

24. Alcohol

25. Peanuts

26. Aspirin

27. Magazines from the last six months

28. Towels

29. Scented body lotion

30. Deodorant

31. Gently used gadgets

32. Hotel toiletries

33. Beauty product samples

34. And if there's still space, more canned meats!