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    Posted on Jun 28, 2018

    34 Things Filipinos Ship Across The World In Balikbayan Boxes

    "What's in the box?"

    If you grew up with OFW family members, you're definitely familiar with the balikbayan box.

    Sarah Jane M. Gamo / Via Twitter: @Sarahp0t

    Is it really a balikbayan box if you didn't use an entire roll of tape to close it?

    Or perhaps you have very carefully pushed your heavy AF cart through the lines for the check-in counter at the airport...

    Diana Filio / Via

    A twenty meter bus probably has a better turning radius than those luggage carts.

    ...and then prayed that your balikbayan box made it to your destination.

    Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / Via

    NAIA: Please wait behind the yellow line.

    Mga tigas ang ulo: pLeAsE WaIt bEhInD ThE YeLlOw lInE

    But as Isabelle reminded us in 18 Things You'll Recognize If You Grew Up With OFW Parents, the standard balikbayan box "contains almost the same damn thing every single time!"

    travelswithgoyo / Via

    Here's a list of everything one can normally find inside this Filipino care package:

    1. Spam

    Dean Alvarez / Via

    Everyone's favorite luxury brand.

    2. Corned beef

    Gary David Lum / Via

    Or corned beef hash if you're into rice and potatoes. #doublecarbs

    3. Oatmeal

    Christine Gambito / Via

    It's sosyal because there's an old white guy on the package.

    4. Instant coffee

    David Sanabria / Via Flickr: philozopher

    Because Filipinos want their coffee NOW!

    5. Coffee creamer

    Amazon Prime / Via

    Eaten with a spoon when mom's not looking.

    6. Artificial sweeteners

    Raysonho / Via

    Meanwhile, the rest of the world pays through the nose for Philippine coconut sugar and muscovado.

    7. Chocolate bars

    jjhenny / Via

    Which will probably end up melted into indistinguishable lumps because LORD ANG INIT DITO SA PELEPENS!

    8. Sugar-free candy

    Huntyr / Via Twitter: @decepticon1970

    Because #HealthIsWealth

    9. Sugar-free cookies

    I Heart Kroger / Via Twitter: @i_heart_kroger

    And #HealthierIsWealthier

    10. Sardines

    Christine Gambito / Via

    Gimme those omega-3s!

    11. Toothbrushes

    Mohammed Rahman / Via Twitter: @albeth0989

    Especially the free ones from the dentist.

    12. Toothpaste

    KrogerKrazy / Via

    Of course, purchased with coupons.

    13. Denture cleaner

    GIFs Of The 80s / Via

    For Lolo's pustiso.

    14. Bar soap

    Boxed / Via

    You: bottles on bottles on bottles of body wash

    Me, an intellectual: #plasticfree

    15. Vitamins / Via

    Is a 500-pack enough?

    16. Dry pasta

    Simple Coupon Deals / Via

    Because sometimes you just don't have the energy to go to Mary Grace Cafe.

    17. Shoes

    Airman Sondra M. Wieseler / Via

    But without the shoeboxes (to conserve space).

    18. Happy Meal toys

    Colours of Life / Via

    You never know what'll become a collector's item in ten years.

    19. Free T-shirts from work

    Ruby Peak Recruiting / Via Twitter: @rubypeak

    They should be paying you for international advertising.

    20. Souvenir t-shirts

    Accentricity / Via

    From the city where the balikbayan box was lovingly sent from.

    21. Bedsheets

    PXhere / Via

    We love a multipurpose item: bedding and a bubble-wrap substitute!

    22. Perfume and cologne

    Buena Vista Images / Via

    Carefully cushioned by the bedsheets.

    23. Packs of underwear

    upcitemdb / Via

    Value pack ganern!

    24. Alcohol

    Iwan Gabovitch / Via Flickr: qubodup

    Carefully cushioned by the value packs of briefs.

    25. Peanuts

    S h e r r y / Via Twitter: @xxuelie

    Pulutan for the drinks!

    26. Aspirin

    Scott Olson / Getty Images / Via

    You're gonna need it after that inuman session.

    27. Magazines from the last six months

    Christine Gambito / Via

    Although millennials are probably being blamed for the death of the magazine...

    28. Towels

    The White Company / Via Twitter: @thewhitecompany

    Dapat fluffy.

    29. Scented body lotion

    The Mist Lady / Via Twitter: @gracekissi

    "Ang bango-bango ng bulaklak!"

    30. Deodorant

    StupidCoupons / Via Twitter: @StupidCoupons

    If your armpit is at my nose level and you didn't put on deodorant today, PLEASE don't hold the upper handrail on the LRT.

    31. Gently used gadgets

    thesweetandlowdown / Via

    Perfect for mango shakes!

    32. Hotel toiletries

    Christine Gambito / Via

    Sayang kasi!

    33. Beauty product samples

    Nordstrom / Via

    "Free" - the best four-letter word.

    34. And if there's still space, more canned meats!

    Christine Gambito / Via

    Yes, there's going to be an overweight fee, but okay lang kasi you saved so much money using coupons and buying value packs!

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